Decipher These ONE TREE HILL 100th Episode Spoilers

one tree hill 100th episode party

In celebration of ONE TREE HILL reaching its one hundred episode milestone tomorrow night [a rarity in today’s fragmented world of television], this TV Addict thought he’d have a little fun by offering up some tantalizing clues with regards to what fans might expect from what will undoubtedly be one very exciting wedding!

Click the link below and see if you can decipher this very cryptic spoiler warning sent to the TV Addict along with his screener of tomorrow’s episode. And don’t miss the TREE HILL’s 100th episode Tuesday night at 9PM on the CW

one tree hill spoilers

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  • Niels

    Andy Returns
    Peyton’s .. of .. .. .. .. wedding
    Lindsey …..
    Brooke wanting to have Lucas’s baby
    Jamie is missing, the .. .. is the .. panic.
    Dan rescueing Jamie.

  • Josh Emerson

    It looks like the 2nd to last one says that Jamie is missing. No idea what the second part of it says but I bet it has to do with the nanny.

    I wonder if the top one is about Karen returning. But that’s in the promo so I don’t know why you couldn’t reveal that.

  • One Tree Hill Fan

    I am not sure if this is right but this is what it looks like.

    Andy returns (pretty sure) karen returns too but it shows that in the commercials so i dont know why they couldnt reveal that.
    Peyton reuins the wedding?.. before lucas could say i do
    or it might be that lindsey realize that lucas will never stop having feelings for peyton. So the next one could be that she leaves the wedding instead of lucas stopping it? no idea.
    Brooke wanting to have a baby.
    Jamie is missing.. (nanny).
    Dan rescues Jamie.

  • Karris

    Lindsey saying “no”……
    Peyton’s …..of….at the wedding

  • treblecharger

    already seen it a long time ago