First Look: Britney Spears Checks into HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

britney spears

In honor of this just released photo featuring Britney Spears saving guest starring on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, the TV Addict has composed a haiku.

when britney checked in
eyeballs for mother doubled
spears did it again

And on a somewhat related side-note, a question for my fellow TV Addicts. Do we think actress Sarah Chalke got fitted for a different costume to play Ted’s next obsession, beautiful dermatologist Stella, or is she simply wearing her SCRUBS lab coat? Oh, and while we’re throwing out random questions. What exactly was Alicia Silverstone thinking when she decided to bow out of the ‘Britney’ episode that will undoubtedly be legen… [wait for it] …dary? Last time we checked Silverstone’s career wasn’t exactly on fire and while we’re no high powered CAA agent, this much we know. Is not the point of guest-starring on a moderately rated TV show to get your name back out there? Talk about clueless!

Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc

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  • heh I read somewhere (Ausiello or Kristin, dunno which) that yes, she brought her own Scrubs lab coat since it had been tailored to fit her specifically. Saved the show some trouble.

  • Silverstone bowed out because she didn’t want to be overshadowed by Britney, supposedly. I think Sarah Chalke would fit in well with the Mother gang. Too bad she’s got another year of Scrubs to do…

  • Yea, it definitely looks like Chalke’s Scrubs gear. heh.

    And Tim G. – you bite your tongue! Scrubs needs a proper ending! Another full season, probably not, but it doesn’t deserve to just fade out with 5 random episodes (that NBC won’t even promote) either.

  • Jenny: That’s hilarious. I had no idea. I just thought it looked familiar.

    Tim G: I know why Silverstone bowed out. My point was that she’s an idiot. This show is going to kill in the ratings. And last time I checked, Silverstone’s career isn’t exactly on fire.

  • it looks like Brit and Josh Radnor are on the cover of the new TV Guide also, cute picture too.

  • shanna

    Thank you TvA. All these people (I’m looking at you, Mischa Barton) turning down jobs when their careers aren’t exactly the best right now. Put yourself out there.

  • okay

    have you guys seen the tvguide cover with britney and josh? she looks great and josh is adorable, as always.
    i cant wait for this episode.

  • Naf

    Actually, Silverstone claims she never bowed out. She had never actually signed on when TvGuide announced she was guest starting on the show, and in the end she couldn’t do the dates that they needed her for. I’m not sure how true that is, but I doubt she would back out of a multi episode arc just because Britney Spears was in one of them.

  • Josh Emerson

    Any TV Guide subscribers here? I just got a new TV Guide in the mail and it has The Tudors on the cover. Says it’s March 24-30. Why didn’t I get a HIMYM issue??

  • Ally

    I got the Tudors cover too. Anybody got a link to the TV Guide cover?