Once again, your creative talents continue to amaze. Today’s fantastic header design [see above image] is courtesy of TV Addict reader twilight dew. Serious kudos to all the incredible MOONLIGHT entries. Rest assured this TV Addict will do my absolute best to ensure all you talented designers get your fifteen minutes of fame prior to MOONLIGHT’s April 25 return.

And on a somewhat related note. SUPERNATURAL fans, Holy Disappointment Batman!

When I gave readers the once in a lifetime opportunity to PIMP YOUR FAVORITE SHOW, I naturally assumed my inbox would be flooded with Jared and Jensen designs. After-all, a mere mention of anything Winchester could historically be counted on to get the fans up in arms. Who knew an early fourth season pick-up would so quickly turn the SUPERNATURAL fans into couch potatoes.

Looks like MOONLIGHT may have taken a bite out of the competition.

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  • Melissa

    Yay Moonlight!

  • Yay! Way to represent!

  • Jimbo

    Moonlight sucks!

  • Thank you for shining a spotlight on our favorite show Moonlight ! We all really appreciate the extra exposure.

    Moonlight has a very vocal and loyal fanbase, and we are looking forward to Moonlight’s return on 4/25.

  • Stas

    Moonlight and Moonlight fans ROCK! Vampire Solidarity!

  • paranormalfan

    Way to go Moonlight!!

  • Moonlight’s Mick St. John (wannabe)

    Why? I just want to know why you think that. I love Moonlight.

  • Moonlight Rocks. WTG my fellow artists for sending all our cool Moonlight art. Can’t wait to see the next choice. Yeah to my sister Twilightdew for her submission!!!

    Counting The Days Till April 25th!!!

    Vampire Solidarity Rah, Rah, Rah……..and all of that!

    Diane : )

  • Moonlight is a awesome program, with great story line. All you have to do is watch. if your not into vampires, thats ok,it has romance, not into romance thats ok it has mystery, not into mystery, thats ok, has great stunts, not into stunts, thats ok, it has some nasty bad guys. Not into bad guys thats ok, it has great good guys. not into good guys, thats ok it has some beauitful women, and to top it all it has alex o’loughlin, i know you are into that.

  • ana

    moonlight rocks: D

  • hanncoll

    “Who knew an early fourth season pick-up would so quickly turn the SUPERNATURAL fans into couch potatoes. ”

    So, if we respond to anything, we’re up in arms, and if we /don’t/ respond to something, we’re couch potatoes. Gotcha.

  • SimplyKimberly

    April 25th cannot come soon enough for me.

    And I hope we get lots more MickBeth in the years to come.

  • Moonlight_kiss

    YAY!!!!!! Way to go MOONLIGHT. Hurry up April 25th, I’m so Moonlight deprived.

  • Greeneyes279

    Thanks so much for the spotlight for Moonlight!
    Moonlight is and awesome show and we are missing our MickBeth tremendously! It is very difficult trying to wait till April 25th for new episodes and to find out if CBS will grant us a 2nd season. Thanks again for spotlighting our favorite vamp, Mick St John, and his lady, Beth, and Josef and Coraline, and… 😉

  • bean

    I’m kind of confused why lately people in the media seem to be trying to set fan groups against one another like it’s all some big gladitorial gala. A person can be a fan of more than one show. Fans of a show that has received an early renewal /can/ be generous by stepping off the gas and letting less established shows have a chance to garner some attention. There’s certainly no need to slam an entire group of fans without provocation.

  • Jo1027

    I love Moonlight because I think the stories are well written and the actors shine in their roles. The characters are layered and interesting and someone you want to get to know.
    Love the voice overs and the feel of the sets. And the music goes so well with the episodes.
    Thanks for pimping Moonlight. You rock!

  • Marie

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Moonlight!!!! I am so psyched for the new episodes returning April 25.

  • Christy

    YAHOO for Moonlight!! I cannot WAIT until April 25th….it’s been way too long without the show.

    Congratulations to TwilightDew for their banner getting chosen!

  • Riela

    Woohoo!! Let’s hear it for Moonlight, the best show ever and “giant thrill ride that never ends”!!
    Awesome Moonlight artwork (wouldn’t expect anything less from Moonlight fans) 🙂 Looking forward to see what the next masterpiece looks like.
    Can’t wait until April 25, I need my Moonlight fix!

  • allie

    I just watched this show on the weekend after I ran out of other shows to watch. Boy am I glad I gave it a shot. It is now one of my favourite shows! I love that, unlike Angel, it is fairly “normal” and there are no other mythical creatures or weird elements (e.g. portholes) apart from vampires. What a brilliant actor Alex is. I feel his anguish and his love for beth. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!! =) Bring on the new episodes!

  • Woohoo for twilightdew !! Great banner. And “bean” .. I need to set fan groups against one another. I can see if they are on during the same timeslot.. but that isn’t the case for most shows. There’s plenty of room on TV for lots of paranormal shows as far as I’m concerned. We all need to stick together.

    And don’t forget.. CBS may be repeating “Mortal Cure” on April 18th !! For anyone that wants to get caught up on the MickBeth goodness.. in time for the new epis on the 25th!

  • Michelle

    Go Moonlight! It’s so nice to see my favorite show get some love!

  • MCPI

    YAAAA! TwilightDew! Great banner worth the win! and YAAAAAAA! MOONLIGHT!!! So worth a second season! Everything about the show is first class, the actors, the writers, the scripts on and on. Waiting very impatiently for the new epi’s. April 25th cannot get here fast enough!

  • patty

    As happy as I am to see a Moonlight headline-deally (I think it’s a great show) I would like to point out that Supernatural also got attention (I know for a fact since I sent one in) but it’s already got a 4th seas so maybe the Supernatural fans are trying to save other shows they also like (contrary to popular belief, we DO like shows other than Supernatural).

  • Vanc

    Moonlight deserves the spotlight and twilightdew….excellent job!!!

  • Congratulations, TwilightDew, on your fantastic banner! You did a great job!

    Looking forward to the return of Moonlight on April 25th!

    Vampire solidarity! Rah rah rah! (and all that…)

  • winchesterxgirl

    Honestly I must admit I’d never even seen that you’d issued a chance for us to pimp our show.

    So, because we were lucky to get the fourth season we all wanted, and stepped back to let other shows on the bubble have their time…we’re all couch potatoes?

    maybe if you had posted your offer to pimp at some of the Supernatural comms you would have had a bigger influx of entries…just a thought…

    oh and even though I love Supernatural, I do have other favourite shows that I love too… moonlight is one of them…


  • Matt P

    where can I see the banner if I missed it before the supernatural one replaced it.