We Preview THE RICHES Season Two

By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

FX continues to crank out the good shows as they get set to roll out seven new episodes of THE RICHES, starting with the Season 2 premiere, Tuesday, March 18.

If you didn’t watch Season 1 or need more enticement to watch Season 2, here are some reasons to tune into the premiere:

Eddie Izzard – the man of the house, Wayne Malloy (Doug Rich). He is ridiculously intelligent, terribly loyal, and constantly trying to get out of a bad situation that only gets worse as it goes. He is funny, yet painfully good at playing a father saddened by the need to fix things for his family. And he can give a monologue that makes you want to rise up with fists.

Minnie Driver – the matriarch, Dahlia Malloy (Cherien Rich). I was not convinced she had it in her until I started watching this show. She is powerful, and devastating and inspiring, all rolled into one. Watching the now-clean Dahlia try to keep her family together is really interesting. In Season 1, it was all about the family staying together once Mama got out of jail. In Season 2, it’s about getting the family back together after everything that they went through.

The kids – Cael, Di Di, and Sam (Noel Fisher, Shannon Marie Woodward, and Aidan Mitchell) are really great in their own ways. Cael is rebellious and thrilled to be back on the road, living the traveler life he feels meant to live. Di Di is pretty much the exact opposite, angry to leave the Buffer life she started to love. And then there’s little Sam, confused about just about everything in life.

Singalongs and drunken “Hunsbergers” – Janis Joplin as done by the Malloys (without Wayne but with some friends) is really worth watching the premiere, even if it’s only for a minute. Also making the premiere worth watching is Logan’s pop from GILMORE GIRLS (Gregg Henry) who is so good as “Doug’s” boss. He shows up at the Rich household and causes more problems for Wayne (as if that could be possible).

They need viewers – THE RICHES is too good to be getting the low ratings it has been getting. I thought that Season 1 got better and better with each episode, and the storylines, acting, etc, are often times brilliant. Season 2 is no different, and they just keep stepping it up!

Do yourself a favor and tune in. This season is darker in tone, but still filled with the idea that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, family is what matters above everything else.

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  • Sera

    You’re right, this series is fantastic! I love it, and have recommended it to everyone.

  • Clay

    I’m hooked on The Riches. The plot has so many twists and turns, the cliff hanger endings keep me happily coming back week after week.
    So many great characters have developed and their changing relationships are endlessly facinating. I truly hope FX will give it a 3rd season, and a 4th, and a 5th………..ad infinitum!

  • Clay

    I’m hooked on The Riches. The plot has so many twists and turns, the cliff hanger endings keep me happily coming back week after week.

  • Christy

    I love the series. Have watched it from the very beginning and have not been dissappointed