You Be the Critic: CBS Returns as Funny as Ever

Aside from having some of the lengthiest titles in the history of comedic television, last night’s two hour comedy block of THE BIG BANG THEORY, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE have one other thing in common. They all played a part in getting this TV Addict to utter five words he’d never thought he’d say, “So excited for CBS tonight.”

So kudos to the Tiffany network for finally putting together a hilarious string of shows that doesn’t include a reality TV show, a police procedural and/or the train wreck I like to call BIG BROTHER. Now onto some random musings:

Sandwiched between the show’s hilarious opening and closing credits, THE BIG BANG THEORY not only makes this TV Addict laugh, it more importantly makes me feel a lot better about my slightly nerdy tendencies. In other words, no matter how bad things get, I’m no WoloWizard.

As much as I loved Ted, Marshall, Lily and the Blarneystone, surely I’m not the only TV Addict starting to feel bad for Robin. With her and Ted officially kaput, is she ever going to get a story-line that doesn’t involve playing the sidekick?

Here’s an experiment for the brainiacs on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Try figuring out what sixteen million Americans find funny about Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer. Because this TV Addict didn’t even laugh two and a half times.

Julia Louise-Dreyfu, Wanda Sykes and pot not only equal one funny episode, but begs the obvious question. What exactly are the CBS powers that be smoking to not have already renewed THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE for a third season?

  • big D

    I used to be in your two and a half men haters bandwagon, until up about 2 months ago, while the writer’s strike was still on, I gave this show another try, and I have to say that it is funny.

    The thing is that for me, it has the family humor and the inuendo jokes that makes it hilarious, I’d say give this show another chance and check the show from season 3 on, then again, you HATE on “the unit” as well, and that baffles me.

  • THE BIG BANG THEORY sucks It Crowd is so much better!

  • Josh Emerson

    I gave Big Bang Theory another chance last night and I have to say, I’m disappointed. You and others have pimped the show and said how funny it is, but I still don’t see it. One of the lead characters is incredibly irritating. I can’t remember his name. The one who wasn’t on Rosanne. lol He just comes across as so unlikable that you wonder why the others are friends with him.

    Old Christine and HIMYM were again fantastic last night and it sounds like the ratings were good too! I’m hoping that even if CBS drops them, they’ll be picked up elsewhere (HIMYM is produced by Fox and Old Christine has already had rumors of other networks being interested).

  • Tim

    i loved himym did anyone else see the girl ted bumped into and the look they shared could that be the momma?

  • HIMYM was SO good last night! They really need to give Robin her own storyline, but regardless i still think she is the funniest.
    The whole time they were in the club i was looking in the background trying to see if they were dropping any hints to who the mother is, but im pretty sure we didnt see anyone carrying that yellow umbrella. I hope we meet the mother soon!

  • Amy

    Hopefully Robin will get her own storyline soon – preferably her and Barney hooking up…

    Tim, I noticed that girl in the club and wasn’t sure if it could be the mother, or just a red herring.

  • shanna

    I noticed the potential mother too. I would hope they wouldn’t drop that in there without it being something. I really feel like we’re getting close to revealing the mom. I’m getting anxious.