90210: TNG Spinoff Details Emerge

Today’s Variety has leaked more details on the CW’s planned spin-off of BEVERLY HILLS 90210.

According to a casting breakdown, 90210: TNG will focus on the Walsh Mills family as Harrison “Harry” Mills decides to leave Minnesota St. Louis along with wife Celia to look after his ex-actress alcoholic mother Tabitha Mills.

Enter the 16 year old Mills twins. As per the casting breakdown, Annie is a theatre nerd [think Brenda, the University years] and Dixon is a supersmart bad boy [or a carbon copy of Dylan McKay]

Rounding out the Rob Thomas spin-off are a plethora of your standard clichéd teenagers including Daphne Silver [YouTube Star, how 2008], her 24 year old brother Max Silver [Possibly related to David, as fans of the original series will remember what a man whore that Papa Silver used to be], Navid Shirazi [think a mash-up of DEGRASSI’s Emma and Liberty], Ethan Ward [or THE OC’s Luke] and ultra rich super hot Noami Bennett [who like all ultra rich super hot high schoolers starts off as a brat but ultimately ends up being a thoughtful interesting good girl with a heart of gold.]

Rob Thomas was also kind enough to confirm to PEOPLE Magazine that “there is a plan for bringing back one of the cast members,” but he said he didn’t know which one because “we haven’t talked to any of them.”

Which begs the obvious question. Which original cast member would you like to see appear in the new series? And does anyone know if Nat is still alive?

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  • Leigh

    Bring Dylan and Donna back!

  • Bring Brandon back as the principal. Or maybe the principal’s right-hand-man. Since we’ve given up on the notion of a new idea, why not steal one from Saved By the Bell: The New Class?

    Love Rob Thomas, but this is nuts. I just hope he’s getting a ton of money for this. And it better fail or I’m going to be pissed that Veronica was cancelled and this is the junk they are filling their airwaves with.

  • Aileen

    Is it bad that I’m too young to have seen the original series so I’m a little excited about this remake? I was four when the first one came out and 13/14 when it ended. But I love a good teen soap (Gossip Girl is addictive!) and I love Rob Thomas from V. Mars so I have high hopes for this show as a guilty pleasure.

    The only thing I do know about 90210 is that I now love BAG from SCC. But I want him to be there for Season 2 of SCC, not on the new 90210 (and besides what wikipedia says, I have no clue as to what his character is like).

  • G.

    90210 Guru Nat is the obvious generational connection between then and now. If the producers don’t recognize this, they will lose at least half of the older fans who would have tuned in.

  • I’m only 20, so I was really little when the show was first on, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all in reruns.

    And….. DIXON?! That sounds like a dog’s name. Here’s hoping that doesn’t make the final draft.

  • nick

    I have to say im disappointed so far with what i have heard about the story.I was hoping for more news about the old cast.I guess im old(31)because i watched this show and was into it.I was more of a fan of the later years.(after the Walsh parents moved away)..I say bring back Steve(Ian Ziering) Im glad Rob Thomasis involved.It gives me hope.

    And Adam,your idea with Brandon as the principal made me laugh(in a good way)i would absolutely watch that show.

  • Katie

    I think that you should bring back Kelly(Jennie Garth), Dylan(Luke Perry), Brandon(Jason Priestley ), Donna(Tori Spelling), and David(Brian Austin Green).

  • Austin

    I think that this is a huge mistake. SPINOFFS FROM A SUCCESFUL SHOW DOESN’T WORK! Take a look at Joey (Friends), Three’s a Crowd (Three’s Company), Saved by the Bell: The New Class (Saved by the Bell), etc, they’re all were failures. The only time a spinoff is succesful is when the original series is still running like Angel (Buffy the vampire Slayer) and Melrose Place. I love the original 90210 but I still thinks this is nuts. And they say they want to to do new stuff and all I see is the same old, same old. Like take for instance, the series starts with the siblings moving to Beverly Hills…that sounds familiar (Brandon and Brenda). This won’t last one season. it has cancelled written all over it.