How LOST, HOUSE, ONE TREE HILL and REAPER Should End the Season

Thanks to the recent WGA Strike, writers throughout Hollywood must now working feverishly to complete five or six new episodes by season’s end. With that in mind, this TV Addict thought he’d lend the proverbial hand and offer up some possible plot ideas for a handful of our favorite shows. You know, because there’s no such thing as a bad idea.

It’s time to face the facts. Claire must die. Not only can you count on one hand the amount of screen-time Emilie de Ravin has accumulated this season [two hands if you’re counting last season]. You know it’s time to go when your non-speaking infant offspring [Baby Aaron] generates more passionate debate, online speculation and fan reaction than you do.

Is it not time to put an end to the age-old question: Which HOUSE ‘team’ is better? In other words, how long until the good doctor pits Cameron, Chase and Foreman against this season’s team of next generation newbies? One baffling medical mystery, two teams, one cutthroat bitch just for the fun of it. Paging May Sweeps!

So Dan returns a hero after rescuing Jamie from Single White Nanny on last night’s 100th episode of ONE TREE HILL. Surely this TV Addict isn’t the only one who’s not about to let Keith’s killer off the hook that easily. When is showrunner Mark Schwahn going to reveal that Dan was in cahoots with Nanny Carrie from the start of the season and that the entire Jamie kidnapping plot was an ingenious [read: evil] ‘Dan Plan’ to weasel himself back into his family’s good graces?

Should the unthinkable happen and REAPER end up on the brink of cancellation. This TV Addict would like to see SUPERNATURAL’s Sam and Dean arrive on the scene to free REAPER’s Sam from his deal with the devil. In the business of show, it’s called poetic justice.

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  • And both Reaper and Supernatural are filmed in Vancouver. That could TOTALLY happen!

    Anywas, NOOO not Claire! I love her! but Yeah, its true. I have no idea what they would do with her at this point.

  • lexii314

    No way! Dean has a deal of his own that he and Sam need to concentrate on.

  • The possibility of a Dan/Carrie collaboration was in the back of my mind during that whole episode!

    And, seriously… Brooke wanting to have a baby? She’s 22 … why the rush?! Last season’s double pregnancy was enough childbirth for now.