LOST Live Blog: 9PM Tonight

9:00PM: Walt, Anna Lucia, Libby… it has been so long. Any bets as to who’s going to get killed tonight? Things aren’t looking up for poor Miles.

9:05PM: Michael is “Here to die?” Umm.. did actor Harold Perrineau get arrested for a DUI that we didn’t hear about?

9:16PM: Interesting that Michael has a death wish. So to did Jack in May’s season finale. Coincidence, not on LOST.

9:19PM: Is that Libby!?!?! Holy Frak! How did the vision inducing smoke monster get into Michael’s hospital?

9:24PM: Mr. Friendly! Today’s episode is playing like a ‘best of’ installment. Who’s next, Greg Grunberg?

9:29PM: Mr. Friendly completely took the words out of my mouth. “You can’t kill yourself Michael, the Island won’t let you”

9:34PM: Does anyone else find it hilarious that we pretty much will never see Walt again since in real life he’s grown out of the role. I wonder if LOSTerminds Lindeloff and Cuse regret casting a kid on the show.

9:38PM: Working on LOST is an actor’s dream. Even in death you can keep popping up in flashback after flashback. Not to mention the money, fame and free trip to Hawaii.

9:51PM: Commercial Note, why didn’t someone tell me Dick Casablancas was in this new SUPERHERO movie?

9:59PM: Huh! What was that! Hands down, most anti-climactic episode ending ever.

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  • Stef

    I really hope it’s not Miles… that would be a letdown.

  • Mohammad

    MR FRIENDLY! off the island!

  • Mohammad

    mr.friendly is gay!

  • Mohammad… that isn’t news.

  • Mohammad

    Rosseau was the death. Wow.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Who and what in the hell is Ben Linus?

  • Stef


  • hen0219

    Tonight’s episode was an alright episode. I would have been more upset if the strike was still going and this was the episode that we ended the season with. I’m glad that new episodes are coming in a month or so.

    I need to ask one question though that has been puzzling me for a while. I don’t know if there truly is an answer yet, but I’m going to ask anyways.

    Why is is a bad thing if people get off the island? Charles Widmore set up the whole fake plane to make people believe everyone died, but why? I understand that it isn’t a good thing if people find the island, but why is it bad if people are found that were on the island? I’m just really confused, but that is the definition of LOST for you.

  • Josh Emerson

    Why is this lame? Is it just not lame to me because I’m not one of those Lost addicts who reads up on the show online? I don’t get it.

  • While I really have to spend a little more time thinking about the episode, I’m pretty sure I expected more. More thoughts to come.

  • I didn’t think it was lame either, Josh. I was perfectly happy finally finding out where the frick Michael ended up and I yelled out loud when Alex’s boyfriend whose name I never ever remember and Rosseau got shot at the end. Makes you wonder what the hell Ben has up his sleeve.

  • Seth Cohen

    I’m glad they cleared up the Oceanic Six thing in the “preview” for when the show comes back. I wasn’t quite sure if Aaron was one of the six or not, but it appears he is. Just good to know. I thought we were still waiting.

  • annsensei

    UGH!!! so is ben a good guy or is widmore??? I’m SOOO confused!!! lol

    so the island won’t let michael die??? I guess that explains how the cockroach (aka mr friendly) keeps showing up alive after being killed SOOO many times. so does that mean that no one on the island is really dead?!?!?!?!? boone? shannon? ana lucia? libby? mr eko? jack’s dad? charlie? DANIELLE???

    I can’t believe they killed danielle!!! after fending for herself for 16+ years, she FINALLY gets reunited with her daughter and then gets killed??? as soon as she told alex how much she loved her and now take “my” hand…I knew she was going to get shot. I was HOPING carl would be the one death, no big loss.

    well, in the preview, they showed the pics of the oceanic 6…I guess that confirms that aaron IS one of the six!!!

  • Annsensei, remember that was a flashback that Mr. Friendly was in, and it confirmed that certain Others can come and go from the island. He must have left the island soon after Michael’s release and returned in time to fall into the Losties’ trap on the beach. When he was killed on the beach, I think he’s certainly permanently dead and that we could only see him in flashbacks to the past.

    The hard-to-kill Russian eyepatch guy, however, probably survived the explosion outside the underwater station that caused Charlie to drown. I’ll bet we’ll see him again in the 2004 island timeline.