On last night’s AMERICAN IDOL, America voted and got it wrong again. Sure Amanda “Rockin’ Nurse” Overmyer is no IDOL winner, but to get the boot before perennial boredom Ramiele Malubay? And speaking of perennial, how many more weeks is America going to continue humiliating Kristy Lee Cook? Paula is quickly running out of ways in which she can tell her she looks beautiful.

Who needs to stay awake after THE COLBERT REPORT to watch LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN when you’ve got the internet. Missed the cast of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA doing last night’s Top 10 List? Click here to check it out.

Can’t wait until March 30 for the second season premiere of Showtime’s THE TUDORS? Why not check it now on SHO.com or download it for FREE from iTunes.

And finally a quick reminder. In honor of tonight’s spring finale of LOST, this TV Addict is bringing back the LOST LIVE BLOG. So if you’re looking to occupy your time between commercial breaks, why not drop by theTVaddict.com between 9 and 10PM tonight for some lively LOST Chatter.

  • Hil

    That BSG top ten was great. Were they surprise guests? It didn’t seem like the audience was packed with BSG fans, which would would have happened if they were part of the guest list I’d figure from previous experiences.

  • Stef

    Kristy Lee Cook is the new Sanjaya!

    I’ll be there for Lost! Can’t wait!!!!!

  • Thanks for the link TVAddict 🙂

    That taping was done during Monday’s show, or even before the show start without audience participation, I’m not sure.

    But I do know it was on Monday and for Wednesday’s show, they just played the tape for the audience.

  • Josh Emerson

    I don’t think America got it wrong this week. Are KLC and Ramiele worse than Amanda? Sure. But none of the three deserve to be on the show right now so I don’t care which order they’re eliminated.

  • I totally thought there was one more ep of Lost before we went dark for a month waiting for the last 5. It’s really a shame I can’t count.