CBS Cancels JERICHO (Again!)

In a statement released today [which as we all learned from THE WEST WING is the day you announce bad news hoping nobody will notice], CBS revealed that Tuesday’s episode of JERICHO will be its last. Said CBS entertainment boss Nina Tassler in a statement just released, ”The March 25th episode of Jericho will be the series finale. Without question, there are passionate viewers watching this program; we simply wish there were more. We thank an engaged and spirited fan base for keeping the show alive this long, and an outstanding team of producers, cast and crew that went through creative hoops to deliver a compelling, high quality second season. We have no regrets bringing the show back for a second try. We listened to our viewers, gave the series an opportunity to grow, and the producers put a great story on the screen. We’re proud of everyone’s efforts.”

While this news was undoubtedly not the Easter surprise JERICHO fans were hoping for, this TV Addict has to give CBS some credit for doing what very few networks bother to do. Not only did they listen to their fans, they put their money where their mouth is and gave fans a second season of JERICHO, ensuring a proper ending for the show. Tuesday’s finale should tie things up nicely and that’s more than can be said for a lot of brilliant but cancelled shows.

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  • patty

    Aw how sad! I love that show! But I’m glad it got a shot at a second season.

  • I wouldn’t exactly call it a season but I have enjoyed the 6 (as of right now) eps. 🙁

  • Josh Emerson

    I wish Jericho aired on a lower rated network. Then maybe the show could continue, like FNL and 30 Rock most likely will. This really sucks. 🙁 Although I’m not sure where the show would’ve went in a Season 3 anyway. Season 2 was already so different from Season 1.

  • shanna

    I never hopped on the Jericho bandwagon but I’ve had some of my favorites be canceled so here’s a hug for all the Jericho fans out there.

  • This is disheartening, though not entirely surprising, news. Jericho was one of my favorite shows of the last 1.5 years.

    Combined with the creative stagnation of this year’s writers strike and its aftermath, I almost want to give up on TV. Not entirely, or course, but I think I’m much more reluctant to give new shows a chance until I know for sure they’re going to stick around. Thanks to DVDs & iTunes, there are ways of catching up after a show has proven itself.

    Alien Nation, Kindred: The Embraced, Brimstone, Crusade, Firefly, John Doe, Commander-in-Chief, The Nine, Day Break, Six Degrees, Dresden Files, Standoff, Drive, *Journeyman*, and now, *Jericho*. I feel I’ve been burned by premature cancellation too many times. Thank goodness Chuck, Moonlight, and Women’s Murder Club seem to have survived (for now).

    By my standards, the “renaissance” of TV was 2004 (the year Battlestar Galactica, Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy, House, Lost, Rescue Me, Stargate: Atlantis, and The 4400 all premiered). Things have been relatively downhill ever since.

  • Stephanie

    Can i cry now? *sniff*

    *hugs fellow Jericho fans*

  • Dave

    Actually, I’m not as sad or angry as I thought I’d be. With warning, we’re able to get a proper finale. I’m expecting Tuesday’s show to be quite awesome. It’s unfortunate that it won’t continue, but how many storylines are left? I do credit CBS for giving it a shot.

  • I’m getting to the point where I sit back and don’t engage fully with TV shows anymore as you just don’t know if there’ll ever even be another episode. I note them in passing and wait until there’s a complete box set on DVD! Terrible …

  • dede

    Well I have read what all have said and Jericho was not given the chance that many would think. Jericho did not get a full second season and its time slot was moved around and you had to look for it to find it.