LOST Recap: Damn You Walt!

Harold Perrineau lost michael

The island has to let Michael die. Because if last night’s episode illustrated anything, it’s that fans, or at the very least this TV Addict, is never going to be fully satisfied by another Michael flashback.

Alas, there is a far more sinister force at work here. More powerful than both LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse combined. That force, puberty. And thanks to Walt, there is always going to be a piece of the Michael story missing. Big questions like how Michael and Walt got off the island, what happened between the time they escaped and the time they arrived in Manhattan, as well as an explanation for all of Walt’s creepy powers will remain unanswered. Because apparently there are only so many ways the show can hide the fact that actor Malcolm David Kelly has most likely doubled in height since the series premiered. [See: last night’s shot of Walt through the window, odds are good he was crouched on his knees!]

Nothing against actor Harold Perrineau, who did a fine job of portraying the immense guilt that haunted him for murdering Libby and Ana Lucia as well as betraying all of his fellow castaways. But Walt being MIA seriously crippled the potential WOW factor of his flashback.

In fact, aside from learning that the island won’t let Michael die [I wonder if affects Jack as well?] should flashback etiquette not mandate that the episode’s final shocking moments be dedicated to Michael and not numerous peripheral characters. This was, after-all the Michael episode fans have waited how many seasons for.

Karl and Rousseau being riddled with bullets leaving daughter Alex to scream, “I’m Ben’s daughter” caused this TV Addict to scream, “We’ve got to wait HOW many weeks to find out what happens next!”

Okay not really, but ABC spending all week touting Karl as the ‘big death’ is the TV equivalent to STAR TREK killing off a red shirt on an away mission and thinking fans will be surprised. Anti-climactic much?

And surely I’m not the only one who believes that Rousseau isn’t really dead. LOST has spent far too many episodes building up one of their most mysterious supporting players to simply kill her off without a proper goodbye [ie. flashback]. We still know so little about Rousseau’s research, her relationship with Ben and the mysterious illness that wiped out her entire team.

Thankfully, we’ll have five weeks to debate the details until LOST returns with a brand new episode. [see handy countdown clock below].

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  • I doubt we’ve seen the last of Walt. Thanks to the new format of the show, he could appear in someone else’s flash-forward or get his own episode told from his future point of view.

    I hope Danielle is not really dead. Seeing Mira Furlan and hearing her distinctive voice always makes me a little nostalgic for Babylon 5 (she played Ambassador Delenn on that show).

    It’s still hard to tell whether Ben and other Others are good guys or bad guys or somewhere in between, but at least now we get to share that frustration with a major character, since Michael is having to weed out the innocents and only kill the bad guys. Having to kill a dozen or more people to redeem himself for killing a couple people — Michael is truly screwed.

    And, yay, no more O6 debate. Aaron is one of them. I like how the ratio of mystery to revelation & confirmation is starting to balance out better.

  • I dunno about everyone else, but i find Harold Perrineau EXTREMELY annoying… i dont know what it is about him, but he just bothers me. So i was really dissappointed with the ep, especially. But maybe if a liked him more i wouldve liked it more.

    I really didnt want Aaron to be part of the oceanic six, considering he wasnt exactly on the plane, i guess..

  • tim wilkins

    disappointing ep. and all those promos about “someone will die!” Yea, right. I don’t think I saw those two minor characters faces in the promos. Big disappointment. Worse than last week’s. What’s going on? Is Lost getting Lost?

  • shanna

    Todd – I agree. The ratio of mystery to answers is getting to a place that I can deal with.

    TvA- I also agree that Michael’s flashbacks are marred by Walt’s absence. I couldn’t figure out what I didn’t like about his flashback but something was off.

  • shanna

    I figured out my issue with the episode: Michael’s motivation made no sense to me. He’d rather kill himself because his son doesn’t want to be around him since he killed two women. Rather than tell what he did, possibly get everyone rescued, and maybe serve some jail time but at least he’d redeem yourself in his son’s eyes. To me, it’s a no-brainer.

    I just think it’s weak that Michael’s willing to kill himself (or go on a freighter to kill a dozen people) rather than own up to what he did (which is really what Walt probably wants from his dad). If Michael’s biggest motivation is redeeming himself, it’s a stupid way to go about it. And I don’t think Walt would be anymore impressed with “Your dad killed a freighter full of people to save the island”, than “I killed two women to save your life”. It’s so backwards.

  • I really enjoyed this episode. I trully think that Michal & Walt’s story after leaving the island is one of the most interesting plots on Lost. Besides, we finally have a gay character in the show!! (We already had the lesbian one a.k.a. Ana LucĂ­a…)

  • Hil

    I don’t think LOST is getting lost. With the format of the show you are sometimes going to get episodes that features a character you don’t care as much for (Michael) and I gotta admit I wasn’t really paying much attention until the last 2 minutes that were pretty awesome. It is something that happens every season, but unfortunately we have to have a long break after this Michael episode. One of those unplanned, writers strike curses.

  • Hil

    Walt’s actors name is “Malcolm” David Kelley.

  • Hil, thanks for the correction! Sometimes I have such A.D.D.