Good News, Bad News for TV Fans

Good News: PRISON BREAK has officially been picked up for a fourth season. Bad News: This TV Addict stopped caring about PRISON BREAK two season ago. [see link]

Good New: Britney Spear’s appearance on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER will undoubtedly be a ratings bonanza for CBS. Bad News: It takes an appearance by Britney Spears to get most of America interested in television’s most underappreciated comedy. [see link]

Good News: Thanks to FRIENDS, David Schwimmer never has to work again. Bad News: Thanks to FRIENDS, David Schwimmer may never get another gig acting again. [see link]

Good News: HOUSE fans will get even more of the good doctor this April. Bad News: Because FOX has cut short JEZEBEL JAMES’ return. [see link]

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  • allie

    Well I still love Prison Break. I want to see what happens to Sucre and watch Michael get revenge re: Sara

  • Hil

    After the Sara thing I stopped watching Prison Break. I am somewhat surprised it is still on, but there are a lot of 13 year old boys in the world I suppose and they have to watch something.

  • they should’ve stopped after season 1, yes. still, i’m going to watch it just for seeing what they will do out of it now.

    i bet, by the end of season 4 they’re back to prison 😀

  • John

    I am not sure that LESS of Jezebel James counts as bad news.

  • 790

    I really glad FOX

  • 790

    I really glad FOX renewed this show its very entertaining!