Win GREEK Chapter One on DVD

In celebration of an all new season of GREEK premiering tonight at 8PM on ABC Family, is giving away five, yup, you heard us correctly five copies of GREEK: Chapter One on DVD.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us who your favorite character is. Five lucky winners will be selected at random and notified via email on Friday March 28, 2008.

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  • Ggrrl

    Is it wrong that I have a crush on Cappy?

  • david

    i would have to go with cappy yahoooo

  • adrianne

    I woud say Dale….

    yes! he is so crazy and extreme that I can’t stop laughing when he’s around!

  • Molly

    CAPPIE!!! im so excited for tonight!!!!!!!!!

  • Alicia

    I love Rusty….he is so dorky and awesome

  • Definitely Cappie. Rusty is a close second but Cappie all the way!

  • Caroline

    My favorite is definitely Rusty.

  • mike


  • chocho

    the most overlooked/hilarious person? definitely ashleigh! although dale is waiting in the wings for her to slip up

  • Emily N.

    Cappie! He’s so fun and cute.

  • Ally

    I love Rusty and Cappie but my favorite is Calvin. Damn, there are some good characters on this show.

  • CC

    Cappie of course!!! He’s the best. But I do love Rusty & Casey as well =]

  • shanna

    I’m actually watching the marathon on ABC Family right now. I’ve never seen it before but so far I like Cappy.

  • Brad


  • Heather


  • Kurt


  • Megan

    I would have to go with Rusty. He’s so darn awkward. And he reminds me a lot of me–sort of reluctant to get into the Greek community but it ends up being pretty good for him.

  • Chelsea

    I really love Rusty, but think I’m gonna go with Cappie.

  • becky

    mos def Cappie! He’s so funny and cute 🙂

  • Jacob

    Ooh, that’s a tough one. I’m thinking Cappie because he’s crazy and random but loyal and lovable.

  • DB


  • Jane Lee


  • Rusty, he’s like my replacement for Seth Cohen.

  • TB

    Ashleigh or Cappie,
    But i’ll go with Cappie

  • Jordan


  • Allie

    Am I the first one to say Dale? He is hilarious! Definitely an overlooked character.

  • Kelly


  • Ash

    Rusty because he is the most adorable person. I would love to date him!

  • Jeremy

    I’m gonna say EVAN just to be different. my real fave is cappie but i like evan too.

  • Mano


  • Lore


  • Frank

    Rusty. He is pretty much me in college

  • John K.

    I’m going outside the box on this one: Heath! Not only is he adorable, but he was a good guy who just wanted a relationship with Calvin, but was constantly shoved aside so Calvin could protect his secret. Then in last night’s return, he finally came out to his frat and was greeted warmly. I demand more Heath!

  • Liz

    I work in Greek Life at a university and my whole office loves Cappie. He’s such a stereotype, but they’ve done an awesome job of making the audience root for he and Casey! We love fratty Cappie!

  • Lisa

    Cappie he is hot and fun!! And he is in love with casey!! But then Rusty!!

  • maggie

    DALE 🙂

  • Beverly

    I really like Spencer Grammer as Casey Cartwright.

  • Caroline

    My favorite is Beaver because he is hilarious and how could you not like a guy named Beaver?!

  • Dana

    I love Calvin. I love the relationships he has with everyone on the show, rusty, evan, ashleigh. He is just a great friend.

  • MD


  • SG


    i do wanna mention wade and beaver — they are hilarious!

  • Michael W.

    I have never seen it — so I need to win so I can pick a fav!

  • i

    cappy is so HOTT, but i love rusty. especially cause he’s a freshmen!

  • Cappie

    Very funny in so many ways

    PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE greek!!!!!!!!!