HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: The Ted Mosby Chronicles

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“What was up with Marshall’s hair” is sadly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this TV Addict’s issue(s) with last night’s installment of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. While Britney did fine with the limited, yet massively overhyped role she was given and Sarah Chalke as expected was her usual adorable/hilarious self. Something, for lack of a better word was “wonky” with last night’s episode. Or worse, for the sitcom that revels it taking the road less travelled, ordinary.

Was it just me or did the entire MOTHER gang take a back seat to Ted last night? HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, like most great comedies [see: FRIENDS] works best as an ensemble and it’s possible that last night’s episode had a little too much well, Ted. I mean I’m used to Robin taking a backseat, but Barney. Not Cool!

Which begs the obvious question; is the fandom’s obsession with discovering the future Mrs. Ted Mosby hurting the show? After-all, at its core, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is essentially akin to the Ted Mosby Chronicles. The endgame is clear. Ted meets a girl, falls in love, has two kids and drones on and on re-telling them the story of how he met their mother. Should not the focus of the show and the source of its humor come from Ted’s journey?

Who really cares who the mother is when we get to witness YouTube-worthy moments like last night’s final two?. Tell me your heart didn’t go all a flutter when Ted pulled another French Horn out of his you know what and orchestrated the world’s most romantic two minute date ever! Is that not what we should all be talking about this morning. Not the fact that Stella may-or-may-not have been the girl with the yellow umbrella at last week’s St. Paddy’s day party.

Agree/Disagree, post away.

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  • best date ever.
    and i loved barneys tricking ted into a moustache 🙂

    however, yeah, the others came in way short, as in the paddy’s day episode (only ted+barney).. hope that’s going to change.

    still one of the best shows out there i think.

  • Josh Emerson

    Can’t we talk about both? I don’t see anything wrong with speculating about who the mother is. I enjoyed last night’s episode. It was different than a typical episode of the show but that’s fine with me. Barney will be back in the spotlight next week, so is there anything wrong with a single Ted-centric episode? I liked seeing Stella and I wish Sarah Chalke could return to the show sooner. I guess that’s the downfall of Scrubs moving to ABC.

  • Is there anyway Sarah Chalke can leave Scrubs and be on HIMYM instead? I absolutely loved her and Josh Radnor together.

    Britney was… eh. I wasn’t terribly impressed. While she can be funny, (see her on SNL or Will & Grace) it seemed like she was trying to be “on” the entire time last night. The only time I laughed was when she chased Ted down the street at the end.

  • Josh, we definitely can talk about both. I just think the old saying applies [which I’ll undoubtely butcher] “The adventure is the journey – not the destination”

    But Sarah Chalke is AMAZING and hopefully will be back on the show whenever SCRUBS ends.

  • shanna

    I loved Sarah just for the part where she came in and saw Ted’s mustache and bust out laughing.

    Stella can’t be the mom unless Robin’s dad randomly marries Stella’s mom because I doubt they know each other. And since the show is How I MET Your Mother, wouldn’t it be about the actual moment they met? Maybe. Ted mentioned it in the beginning how meeting Stella was like love at first sight.

    Anyway, I did enjoy BritBrit. She was pretty cute when she called Ted “Magnum”. Definitely always want more Barney. I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall so I had my Marshall fill.

  • shanna

    Oh and I’m bitter with Alyson for not going to Paley so I was okay with less Lily this week.

  • Nick

    That quick date thing almost made me sick.(im a guy,sorry)Don’t get me wrong.I dig this show….and Britney was not bad.I was a little surprised…..
    I know it can’t happen but i still wish Robin was the mother in how i met your.

  • Ally

    I actually think that more episodes should center on Ted and his lovelife, as that is the central theme of the show. Episodes like this prove that they know what they’re doing and they haven’t forgotten.

  • ggny

    Josh and Sarah where incredible together the had some great chemistery if they can i really hope they get her to come back

  • Tim

    “Stella can’t be the mom unless Robin’s dad randomly marries Stella’s mom because I doubt they know each other.”

    Wait, you aren’t one of those people that think because he called her “Aunt” Robin that he married her sister, are you?

    Also, I don’t think the entire ep would have focused on him, but when the part of the tat removal doc got cut to 1 ep, they needed to cram a lot of stuff into one ep that was going to be over several eps.

  • *agrees with Tim 100%*

    Growing up, we had some family friends that the parents had all been friends with since before I was born. My siblings and I all called them Aunt Vicki & Uncle Don (& they called my parents Aunt & Uncle too). Not unheard of at all. It’s a way to show respect for friends that are like family. Just like Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall on the show.

    And yeah, I assume they had to really cram a bunch of stuff into the episode. I loved it though and hope we do get to see SC back sometime!

  • bj

    I think everyone just had incredibly low expectations for Britney. I thought she was really bad. If another actress had auditioned that role the way she played it, they would’ve laughed her out of casting.

    As for the episode itself, it was just ok. I wish they would have done a more traditional storyline (at more traditional to this show) because they knew this would be a highly watched episode. I hoped they would have a great episode (like the episode where Lily is in the play, or Robin Sparkles) so maybe they could hold on to some of the viewers that were just hoping for a Britney trainwreck. Then maybe we would have a season four.