10 Questions with 30 ROCK star Tina Fey

tina fey

Yesterday, 30 ROCK star, current poster girl for funny women everywhere and TV Addict obsession Tina Fey was kind enough to take an hour out of her busy schedule to talk to reporters about 30 ROCK’s return this April 10 on NBC.

1. On the strike
I think that hopefully the public just wants to see their favorite shows back on the air. In terms of 30 ROCK, everybody’s just happy to be back working. In our world, the strike didn’t happen. Although oddly enough, before the writer’s strike we had a story about a strike, but we shelved it. The strike was a big enough pain and fans at home probably don’t want to hear anymore about it.

2. On Political Humor
I don’t miss the news humor business. I think it’s a lot of responsibility and pressure. On 30 ROCK we just like to put things out there that spark discussion. We’re more about observing than endorsing a specific campaign. But we do have a story-line where Jack tries to in-list Tracy to be the new black face of the Republican Party.

3. On critical acclaim versus ratings success
I think the way ratings are measured is going to continue to change because the traditional Neilson rating might not quite reflect everyone who’s watching the show. There are DVR’s, the internet etc. I don’t worry about ratings much because you can’t control them. We try to make the show as good as we can and we’re going to keep making them until someone tells us to stop.

4. On being the poster girl for funny women
I think the great thing about the Vanity Fair article was that it highlighted so many women succeeding in comedy. It doesn’t put that individual pressure on one woman to be the ‘lady face’ of comedy.

5. On comic inspirations
THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW was the greatest television show ever. I’m also a big fan of the British and American versions of THE OFFICE. I grew up on a lot of classic TV shows. Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett. I love Christopher Guest’s movies.

6. On writing for herself
I feel like the nice thing about having a whole writing staff is that I had, at least last season, a tendency to under-serve my character. The rest of the staff takes great care of my character. It’s easier now than it used to be.

7. On being part of NBC’s illustrious Thursday night line-up.
From EARL through SCRUBS it’s the best night of comedy on TV. Every show is fast moving, funny and intelligent. Even EARL which is about this trashy dumb group of dirtbags, the jokes are all really smart and funny and we’re very proud to be with all the shows.

8. On her dream guest star
I’d love to get Oprah to play my best friend. I want to spend time with Oprah and I’m not sure what I need to do to make that happen. I would say we’ve been super lucky with all of our guest stars. Will Arnett, Dean Winters [the Beeper King] and hopefully Edie Falco will all be returning this spring. Tim Conway is going to be in our second episode when we come back.

9. On being in front of the camera
I’ve fully stopped apologizing for being in our show. I’m having a very good time shooting these episodes now. It feels like the pressure is off.

10. On a love interest for Liz Lemon
It’s funny because those are my least favorite stories to do. They’re always pitching them in the writer’s room and I’m always saying no! Peter Dinklage would be okay though. That guy is awesome.

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