An Open Letter to Entertainment Weekly, Re: Diablo Cody

Dear Entertainment Weekly,

While this rant may come off as slightly bitter since my year of stripping under the name HighDef Daniel wasn’t nearly as successful as Diablo Codys. But I’m completely perplexed as to why you’ve awarded Ms. Cody her own monthly column in your illustrious magazine.

Don’t get me wrong, this TV Addict is a huge fan of JUNO and wishes Diablo all the success in the world. But when did Entertainment Weekly become Diablo Cody Monthly? See Diablo travel Europe to promote JUNO! Read Diablo’s Oscar Weekend Diary! Follow Diablo to ‘Movie Camp’ as she hobnobs with the likes of Hayden Panettiere, Gillian Anderson, Adam Brody and Will Smith! We’re living in the digital age here. If we cared that much about Diablo Cody we could easily stalk her virtually. Isn’t that what MySpace, twitter and blogs are for?

It’s time you handed Entertainment Weekly’s back page back to the likes of Stephen King and Mark Harris. You know, writers who’s sole job isn’t to shamelessly promote themselves. Otherwise, keep up the great work and while we’re asking for things, I’m a TV Addict, less music coverage please.


Daniel Malen,
TV Addict and life long Entertainment Weekly fan.
[No joke, I’ve own almost every singe issue including #1]

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  • Jim

    I disagree. I have found Cody’s columns funny and refreshing. I loathe the King column when I see it every other week or two.

  • I think – like the Oscars – everybody just wants to tap into the whole JUNO/Diablo Cody buzz to help promote themselves. After all EW did devote an entire feature article on to the Juno phenomenon. You give someone hot and exciting a forum to be hot and exciting, then you too by defacto become … well, you get the idea.

    That being said, oddly enough – despite the questionability of its relevance – I find Cody’s EW columns funnier and more entertaining than I found JUNO. As an aspiring screenwriter myself I also can’t really begrudge her relishing her life right now. So, in this case, I don’t blame her, so much as EW for giving her a somewhat fluffy column that could have just been – as you pointed out – a diary entry on her myspace/blog.

  • It’s not that I begrudge her success. She should ride this wave until it ends. I just find her column incredibly self-indulgent and one that doesn’t belong on the back page of EW.

  • Ally

    Agreed. I hate her column. I didn’t like Kings at first either but they’ve grown on me. Harris is amazing, though. Uh, bring back Stupid Questions.

  • I find King self-important and most of his columns far more indulgent than any of the rest. Harris is amusing. But I love Cody and am thrilled that not only do we finally get a female voice on that opinion page, but one that mixes things up a bit. She’s fresh and appealing, and is one of the few reasons I decided not to let my subscription lapse.

    Totally with you on the music, though! LOL

    (And can they PUH-LEASE cut back their Oscar stuff? By, like, 90%?)

  • Justine

    I agree, King needs to go buh-bye. And Harris is a bit too heavy for the back page of EW, but still insightful. I was very against Cody’s column. Until I read them. They are a strange, witty insightful entry into Hollywood life. I hope this only leads to EW giving the backpage to more well known members of the Hollywood community.

    And I agree, finally, a female voice!

  • shanna

    I haven’t read the column but from what I can understand o Cody’s career before writing Juno she was essentially a blogger/critic/writer of life so I can see why EW tapped her for something like this.

  • Brett

    Cody’s a self-important hack. Her columns are consistently so bad that the birds refuse to allow them to be used for cage liner.