Got a Question for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Star Jamie Bamber?

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Tomorrow afternoon,’s very own Amrie [of My Take on TV Fame] has the distinct pleasure of interviewing BATTLESTAR GALACTICA star Jamie Bamber. So if you’ve got a marriage proposal question for one of television’s most complex and exciting actors, please post away in the comments below.

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  • Lauren

    I love that Battlestar has always mixed exciting story-telling with questions of complex morality. Of all the relevant moral issues that Battlestar has taken on in some manifestation or another is there any one issue that was most important to you to portray on the show?

  • Will you marry me?

    oh, did I just type that out loud?

  • melissa wlostosi

    I want to know how you think lee going to react to those certain people being the final four out of five cyclons. Or do you already how he going to react to this?

  • Callum

    Battlestar transcends the sci fi genre so much that many of my friends who initially berated me for watching it are now addicts themselves. Before you came on board, what was your take on the world of sci fi?

  • Christina

    Hi Jamie,
    I have always loved to watch as Lee has changed over the years. What aspect of Lee’s personality do you think has changed the most over the seasons? Do you ever miss that part?

  • Meghan

    What will you miss most about Lee Adama?

  • Francisca Alexander

    At the end of Season 3 we saw Lee Adama making some drastic changes in his life. Has Lee decided its time to be the man he wants to be rather than what everyone else exoects him to be?

    Thank you for your time and the lovely work your doing on BSG.

  • Karie

    Hi Jamie! I love your work on Battlestar. The most intriguing aspect of the show for me is the relationship between Kara and Lee, and also the Lee/Kara/Adama/Roslin family unit.

    Most of us shippers are on pins and needles waiting to see how it will end for Kara and Lee, and praying that they will have at least a semi-happy and hopeful conclusion. Katee has been making a lot of comments recently that she doesn’t think it should end happily for Kara, because she’s “happiest when she’s miserable”. I don’t think that’s true for Kara or for Lee. They both seem happier when they are getting along, and Kara, especially, goes to a lot of trouble to “fix” things when she’s on the outs with either of the Adama men. Alas, Katee is entitled to her opinion, and I adore her, regardless of our clashing views.

    Anyway, long story short, I was wondering… what do YOU want to see happen for Kara and Lee in the end? The Powers That Be aside, if you were writing the story, what would you write for their final scene of the series?

    Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! If I can say this without sounding too cheesy…you’re really an awesome power to behold on screen, and I’m looking forward to seeing where you will take Lee this year.

  • Haviva

    Hi, Jamie,
    I was wondering, what is your idea of how Lee got his callsign? Also, I read that Lee’s official bio states that he’s happiest when cooking and in “Final Cut”, he was listed as being in the Colonial Reserves. What do you think he was doing when he wasn’t in the military?

    Hope we’ll see you on stage (doing Shakespeare?) here in the States soon! Your work is exceptional!

  • Dave

    Hi Jamie. Love your work on BSG.

    Was having a debate the other night on Skiffy about Lee and would love to hear what you think.

    Do you think Lee can not be happy in the military, that it was just something he just felt forced into and never wanted, or perhaps it is something that would make him happy but he never got the chance to really decide for himself?

    My opinion is Lee is unsure what he wants, but he wants to try other things, cause before the war started he was going to do that. It could turn out that he have chosen to go back to the military, but feeling pushed he never got the chance to make up his mind what he wanted.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! Looking forward to seeing what happens this coming season.

  • Sky

    With the number of challenging roles you’ve portrayed…what scene or scenes were the ones that made you the most uncomfortable, as an actor, to play.

  • Shayna

    If you were writing the last episode, how would you like the show to end for Lee and the overall story in general?

  • Johanna

    I’ve been consistently impressed with your performances throughout the series, but I’ve always been struck in particular with your last scene in ‘Maelstrom’. Katee gets tons of praise for that episode, and rightly so, but I thought your performance in that last scene with her was extraordinary and it’s what gets me every time.

    We’ve been told by a lot of the cast how uncomfortable and claustrophobic the flight suits are, let alone what it’s like inside the viper. So my question is, do you have to change your approach to a very emotional scene in a significant way when you’re stuck in one of those ships?

    Thanks so much!

  • Michael

    If you could be any other character on BSG who would it be and why?

  • Jan Lindner

    I was lucky enough to see you in Henry IV in Bristol — is there any chance you’ll ever do Henry V? There’s a Shakespeare Festival in nearby Stratford, Ontario, every year, and I keep hoping…

  • Rebecca

    Lee Adama is my favorite character on the show and I loved his courtroom scenes at the end of last season. Now that he’s resigned, any chance of him becoming a lawyer?

  • Michelle

    Marry me and I’ll sign a prenuptial agreement and babysit for you and Kerry. Joking.

    My question is, after BSG ends, is there any other career goals in the entertainment industry you’d like to pursue, such as writing, directing, etc? And do you have any television or movie roles lined up that we should look for in the future?
    Thank you for answering and your extraordinary work on BSG.

  • squirrely1

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for the exuberant way you portray Lee…you really have owned the character and given him life. I also find myself mesmerized by Lee’s journey…wondering where he will take us next. What part of Lee’s journey have you personally had a difficult time with? For example, you find yourself in front of Ron pleading for a change or trying to get your head around the story concept. And what part of Lee’s journey have you embraced and wish he had more time to explore.

    Thanks for taking the time for questions…We don’t want it to end….please find a way to do MORE!! 🙂 Oh and all your scenes with either Katee or Mary just ROCK on screen!! The chemistry is pure electric!! WHOOO HOOOO!

  • Ana

    First of all, you are brilliant and an amazing actor!!!! I’ve read Lee is going to show a more ambitious part in this final season and I’ve read you like to strongly discuss your own character’s views with the producers of the show. Did you push the producers and writers to make Lee a little more interested and ambiguous? It really doesn’t matter to me as long as your character leaves his insecurities surrounding Kara Thrace and your relationship evolves so you could be finally happy together…

  • Jill B.

    Hi Jamie!

    My question: If Lee Adama was a real person living in our world at the present time how would he fit in? What would he think of our current status? What would his contribution be?


  • Given that you have expressed the desire to get into screen writing, if the pilot for the BSG prequel “Caprica” is well received and gets picked up for a season, would you like the opportunity to write one or more of the episodes?

  • Jeanne Aquitaine

    My question relates to the significance of the Kara and Lee love story in the context of show’s mythology… Is it your sense that their relationship is somehow connected to the fate of the RTF, either because their bond/attraction is essential to some predetermined outcome or, perhaps more interestingly, that very bond between them puts events into play that change the course of the fleet? Or is it more that their story allegorical for the broader struggles humanity faces in making emotional connections and accepting love and hope? Or is theirs just a really good story? Thanks– out of all the characters on BSG, I hope most for some bit of happiness and peace for Lee.

  • Oscar!

    Hi Jamie,
    Huge fan of Battlestar. When you signed on for the miniseries/show, did you ever think it would garner such passionate praise and love from both critics and fans?

    I have to say it is one of the few shows that keeps blowing me away, and I have successfully got a lot of my friends into it! Can’t wait for season 4!

  • Denym pedersen

    Have you got any other acting gigs or big plans after this season concludes shooting? Whats next for you?

  • Hi Jamie,

    Two brief questions for you. I know of your interest in writing and directing. Is there any chance with the ‘Caprica’ spinoff that you may have the opportunity to work behind the scenes on that potential series? And are there any other projects you have lined up once ‘Galactica’ finishes production?

    As always, thanks for your time,

  • Amy

    How do you deal with the way you’ve been tagged as a t.v. heartthrob? Are you comfortable with the image?

  • Patty

    Hi Jamie.

    First of all congratulations on a fabulous third season. You did a wonderful job bringing life to Lee throughout the season, culminating in the finale with Lee’s testimony on the witness stand. It was one of the most pivitol moments in the entire series.

    You have expressed interest in both writing and directing. (although I do hope you still have aspirations to stay in front of the camera too, you are an amazing actor) If your career was to follow your ideal path in the future, where would you see that going? And any chance we can get a quick synopsis of “Terra Finis”?

    Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

  • Niki

    What Is the wackiest thing you have found yourself doing
    while performing a role? You know , one of those ” I can’t believe
    they talked me into this” moments.

  • Jennifer

    Three questions to pick and choose from:

    If you could play any pre-existing fictional character on stage or screen, who would it be?

    BSG is a science fiction show, but it’s also a very political one. You seem like a politically aware guy — did the political nature of the show play any part in that, or have you always had an interest?

    What would your dream job be once BSG wraps?

  • Katie

    Lee has had a lot of really complex, intense one-on-one scenes with Adama, Kara, and most recently, Romo Lampkin. Is there any character in the series that you haven’t had many scenes with that you’d like to have Lee interact with more before the series ends, or that you think would generate an especially interesting conflict with Lee?

  • Jen

    From where you started to the this season, how has your acting relationship changed and evolved with Katee and Eddie?

  • Karen

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tahmoh Penikett has been cast in Joss Whedon’s new show “Dollhouse”. Do you have any exciting new roles lined up or plans for life after Battlestar Galactica?

  • Jon Rosen

    Would you consider joining Ron Moore for one of his podcasts this season? Since they all end up as the DVD commentary tracks, it would be great to hear your take on one or more Season 4 episodes that are close to your heart.

    Jon R

  • What’s like to film romantic scenes with Katee Sackhoff?

  • Frances

    Now this is a very serious question, asked of presidents and presidential candidates alike, such as Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, etc. The question is: boxers or briefs?

    If you go the Obama route and refuse to answer this question, feel free to answer this one. If in some alternate universe you had the choice to play any other character on BSG, who would it be?

  • Claudia

    What has been your favorite Starbuck and Apollo moment on the series?

  • Emily

    Hi, Jamie (and internet-moderator-type-people). I have lots of questions, so feel free to pick and choose between them!

    When was the first time you remember being really surprised by what the script had in store for your character, and were you pleased or dismayed by the surprise?

    Have you ever had a special fondness for a scene that had to be cut from the episode? If so, what happened? And do you ever get to have a say on what stays in or not?

    Has Lee Adama ever made a choice that you personally found morally reprehensible (even if it made sense for the character)? Or just a choice where you’d have said, ‘No way, I’d *never* do that’?

    Tell the truth: what has Lee secretly named his Viper?

    Is there any one character you sort of always hoped would turn out to be a Cylon, if only because it meant the actor or actress could come back from ‘the dead’?

    Tigh can’t stop hearing ‘All Along the Watchtower.’ Lately, I can’t stop hearing Flight of the Conchords singing ‘The Humans are Dead.’ (Battlestar is obliquely to blame for this). What song do you hear in the walls right now?

    With no temporal frame of reference given on the show, we have no way of knowing when the colonists might arrive (if they arrive) on earth. Setting aside anything you might actually know about what happens on the show, do you have a pet-favorite historical time-period into which you’d enjoy seeing the characters intrude? Feel free to factor in the relative awesomenesses of various kinds of period dress; I know I do.

    Is there any particular issue for your character, no matter how general or specific, that you hope the show resolves before the series ends? (Like a character with whom you’ve never interacted before or a backstory question that’s never been resolved?)

    Will your wife ever get to be on the show again?

    Thanks for answering our questions! I’m completely captivated by the show, with a special affinity for your character in particular. God bless you and your family!

  • falcy

    first of all, i have to tell you how much i adored the speech you gave in the courtroom in “crossroads II”!

    on to the questions:
    what are your plans for after BSG is finished?
    and will we see you somewhere besides BSG in 2008?

    – falcy

  • Amy

    Thank you Jamie, for your amazing work on BSG. Lee has been my favorite character throughout, and that’s no easy feat on a show with so many amazingly complex characters.

    Katee has made comments about how she’d be happy to see Kara sacrifice herself for the human race – die a hero’s death. Is that something you would ever want for Lee, or would you ultimately just like to see him survive and reach Earth, living happily ever after (preferably having lots of babies with Kara)?

    And now you have an end date for BSG, any thoughts as to what you’d like to do next? Will you be staying in the US or Canada, or be returning to this side of the pond?

  • The Other Michelle

    Hey Hey Jamie!

    We are all looking forward to the London convention! Hope your filming schedule allows it! Ok on to my question.

    How would you like to be your own grandfather? I think you’d make a smashing Joseph Adama.

    Oh, and a silly(er) question…What do you make of the Shifting Sands clips up on you tube? Have you watched your young self yet?

    Have a Happy Birthday next week!

    The Other Michelle

  • Stephanie

    Will Lee be having sex in S4? (with himself does not count)

  • Stephanie

    I know several actors have expressed dismay when they have found the directions their characters have taken and maybe some frustration at discovering how different their characters are via the aired version of the show versus what is told to them or what is alternately taped.

    Have you felt likewise frustrated or surprised by the man Lee is to us, the fans, as opposed to the Lee that you feel you know?

  • Elle

    Dear Jamie,

    Ever think of coming back to London to tread the boards in the West End, in some meaty production that might even allow you to revert to your natural RP? Don’t you miss the peculiar delights of London out there in La-La Land?

    And in an unrelated point (and given the choice, I would be more interested in you replying to the first question, if that were possible), have you ever regretted filming that towel scene?

    Thank you for submitting to this inquisition – can’t be all fun and games promoting a show, and I sympathise. Not that it stops me joining into the fray…

    Best, L.

  • Zach

    Out of all the different parts you’ve played which one do you like best/have the most fun with?

    You’ve played a number of military characters, Battlestar Galactica, Ultimate Force, Band of Brothers, Horatio Hornblower, do you like playing them or are they what you seem to get cast as?

  • Jamie, since you’re basically the next Hugh Grant, will you avoid prostitutes on Sunset Blvd. and choosing cheesy formulaic Hollywood romantic comedies for film projects so you don’t throw your career off-track the way he did?

    Also, take parts where you can use your natural English accent, you seem a little wimpy with the American accent but sexy with the British.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you for your amazing work on BSG. I am a recent convert (thanks to Emily) and have been consistently impressed both with the complexity of the writing and the talented acting on the show. I think Emily covered most of the questions I wanted to ask, but I was wondering…
    Do you have a dream role (other than Lee) that you would like to perform sometime?
    Do you have a favorite pet theory as to what awaits you on earth? Not necessarily time period… (I personally would like to find out that mankind as we know is actually a race of cylons/organic machines created by some other sort of race. Just a thought 🙂 )
    What episode would you most like to direct, if you could go back and direct one?