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Just because LOST is off the air for the next five weeks doesn’t mean you all have to rush out and you know, ‘get a life.’ Here are two shows ‘on the bubble’ that could really use your support tonight.

Since Victor Garber’s phenomenal sixth episode confrontation with the show’s titular character, ELI STONE has quickly evolved into one of the TV Addict’s favorite new shows of 2008. Throw into the mix last weeks ‘didn’t see that coming’ conclusion to the Jayson Turk trial, the continued development of the show’s supporting players [Matt Dowd, Keith Bennet and Loretta Devine to name a few] and some truly heartfelt moments reminiscent of that other Greg Berlanti gem EVERWOOD and this TV Addict is going to be the one to suffer an aneurism if ABC doesn’t give this show a second season pick-up. I mean ACCORDING TO JIM is on its eighth season! ACCORDING TO JIM!!!

And speaking of shows hoping to get a second season… just because ABC has shown absolutely no confidence in MISS GUIDED by burning off all seven episodes within the span of four weeks doesn’t mean you should miss out on one of your last opportunities to enjoy the fun. The hilarious Judy Greer, not to mention Chris Parnell in his funniest role in years both shine in a full hour of MISS GUIDED starting tonight at 8PM on ABC.

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  • Common Sense

    I love both shows, and am amazed that ABC continues to generate great series without even recognizing their value.

    At some point, networks will have to “force-feed” ignorant viewers these quality shows by withdrawing the assinine reality slop. Then the mindless cows watching will migrate over to a whole new trough, and TV as we once knew it will be saved!

    But which network will have the guts to start it?

  • Josh Emerson

    I watched the first few weeks of Eli Stone, but it never really hooked me. I lost interest after that. I wanted to check out Miss Guided but never did.

    I can’t wait until NBC’s Thursday returns with 30 Rock and The Office. My Thursdays are too empty right now!

  • Tim

    I really enjoy both shows. Miss/Guided is really growing on me each week. It’s worth checking out for Chris Parnell alone.

    Also, Eli Stone is a great show. It always has those heart felt moments like Everwood, and yeah, the supporting crew is really great, as well. Just a very good show.