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Wandering around on /Film, I came across this little bit of news that apparently CHILDREN OF MEN (one of the best films of 2006) is currently in the process of being made into a television show. Though sometimes movies don’t translate well into TV shows, what helps lend this project some respectability though is the fact that David Eick (writer-producer of the frakkin’ awesome BATTLESTAR GALACTICA TV show) is the one writing the pilot. Though his recent re-imagination of BIONIC WOMAN was lackluster, he has still earned more than the benefit of the doubt, especially with such an intriguing property as CHILDREN OF MEN. Now, according to Eick, he is a bit more interested in what was in the original novel (by P.D. James), specifically the issue of “how society defines responsibility, freedom and a sense of values when it doesn’t necessarily believe humans will survive as a species” and how in this world “young people become the society’s utter focus.” So sounds like it’ll be a slightly different adaptation of the novel, as opposed to a direct translation of the film. Either way, I’m a completely sucker for dystopias and David Eick – who essentially did one already with BATTLESTAR – so I’m there.

What do you guys think? Are you interested in his different approach to the subject matter, or should it stick closer to what the film was like? Do you love the idea of a TV series based on this property, or totally against it?

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  • shanna

    I think that the premise of the book is great fodder for a television show. A world where no babies are being born? That’s genius. One of the best parts of the movie is when they go through the deserted school. It’s eerie.

  • adrianne

    I really like the idea…

    I was disapointed with the movie… the first part was amazing but when everything turned into a war movie… they just lost me… the baby crying scene was good though… but I really wanted to see how young people and how society behaves when you’re not responsable of the future because there’s no future…

    and if that’s what tv adaptation is going to show us… i can’t wait to watch it..

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  • Cody

    Well, I absolutely loved the movie and I am in the process of reading the book which is getting more interesting by the page. If this guy makes a television series or a mini-series based completely on the book then i will praise the man for making such an accurate portrayal of a book I have ever seen. But in reality he did do battlestar galactica which is one of the lamest and i mean lamest series on television, which means this could be a real bomb. by the way im a happy man for knowing that battlestar is finally over and they will no longer make anymore of that god awful stuff. But hey David Eick if you ever read this, make this a good show thats very realistic, instead poorly made and my views of you will change.