nate vanessa kiss

Good Morning Upper East Siders, the TV Addict here with a little GOSSIP GIRL Scoopage to tide you over until everybody’s favorite guilty pleasure returns on April 21.

Guess who our spies, and by spies we of course are referring to JustJared.com caught k-i-s-s-i-n-g on the streets of New York City this week?

nate vanessa kiss

‘V’ better watch her back, because you know what they say. Hell have no fury like an ‘S’ and ‘B’ scorned!

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  • Maria


  • nctodc

    I think I’m in the minority of GG fans, but I really like V–she’s the most relatable character, imo.

  • Aileen

    Nate’s turning into a bit of a manwhore, isn’t he? First Blair, then Serena, then kind of flirting with Jenny, and now Vanessa! I’d think Serena would be glad Vanessa is moving on from Dan, but Blair is going to be one pissed off girl.

  • CC

    I dont like Vanessa, this just makes me like her even less and I imagine will make others feel the same. Why are they bringing her in to be a main character, I wish they would just let her serve her purpose and then go. I know she was bigger in the books but obviously she’s different in the series. And Nate is just lame now.

  • I just don’t get why she dresses like she’s an extra in FAME?

  • Kelly

    I’m actually interesting to see where this pairing goes in the series. I am a HUGE fan of the books and this pairing would never have happened in the books. But V with N will cause drama and turn out to be a good couple.

  • Allie

    I don’t mind this pairing. B should be with Chuck (provided he doesn’t come out of the closet) and S & Dan should be together. Nate deserves someone too, and someone like V could be just what the Dr ordered to help the boy grow a pair and become way more assertive!

  • Serena

    omfg!!!!!!!!!! ahhh! this looks huge! i’m dying to see where this ends up

  • Hayley

    ok. i have two things. where was this picture taken? was taken while they were filming, or is this off of something else? and another thing. we obviously know that Nate isn’t gay.

  • a-w

    Damn spoiler 😉

  • Chuck&Blair

    Maybe this is supposed to be a dream sequence … Vanessa’s probably dreaming!!

  • Kara

    I think Vanessa/Nate could be interesting…mostly because Nate STAYS AWAY from Blair and Serena…and Vanessa stays away from Dan!!

    As long as Blair/Chuck (hottest couple EVER) together…I don’t really mind any other pairings!!!

  • lisa

    this is so wrong … at least serena will be glad to get vanessa of of dan but blair is going to be pist as hell nate belongs to blair not vanessa eh

  • C

    I just want blair and chuck to be together.. there just amazingly hot together.
    but dont think nate and her should be together thats weird he needs like a tootal new girl.
    and eww hate jenny atm she should just saty alone!

  • slev

    I agree
    Blair and chuck should get together, they are hot together and he is the only one that has ever treated her good. Definitely not Nate. I feel sorry for Vanessa…..he is a jerk.

  • dee

    chuck should be with blair!!!! i love them together. there was just soooooooooooo much electricity. i find nate boring. chuck’s the man. plus, in all these, he appears the most “wretched” but has come through for friends: helped nate when the latter was in trouble, helped serena despite her fingerpointing, been there for eric, etc. etc. I LOVE CHUCK.

  • DIana

    Chuck and Blair need to get married and have beautiful children together if Blair and Nate get together the show will loose ratings