SMALLVILLE Spoilers: Decent

smallville decent

Lord knows this TV Addict has seen enough SMALLVILLE, well television really, to realize that it’s never a good sign when a show’s lead character dawns a dark suit and a mournful gaze. Can’t wait to find out what the future holds for our favorite superhero-in-training?

smallville decent

smallville decent

smALLVILLE Spoilers: Decent

Any guesses as to who Clark and Lex are mourning? Place your bets in the comments below.

Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW © 2008

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  • tim wilkins

    the real clark kent as the crypto clark has taken over OR Lana’s dead.

  • ggny

    no doubt in my mind that it is Lionel

  • Everyone knows that Lex can only mourn *if he really does* one person…
    I sure bet on Lana.

  • NikkiHolly


  • Lynn

    I say Lionel because, from the pictures, it looks like not many people are there and it’s in a Metropolis cemetery. I’d think Lana would get buried in Smallville.

  • Gowan

    Another vote for Lionel.

    Makes me wonder how they ARE gonna get rid of Lana and Lex, though. From what I understand, neither is coming back full-time next season.

  • Brandy

    I’m betting Lionel… there are other spoilers saying who ever dies… the audience has never thought dead… so that takes out Lana, Chloe and Lois… and we know mrs. kent survives in cannon… so the only other person i can imagine the two of them standing over is the big LL.

  • Uh no its not lionel considering hes booked for the next season.

  • Brandy

    true, but how many folks really stay dead on smallville… well except papa kent.

  • Rlml

    Lionel or Chloe

  • Jacob

    It’s so confusing because everyone apparently is signed on to do next season sans Kristin and Michael. Therefore, how can anyone be dying? We know Lex is out and Kristin is in talks to return next season for a limited run.

    So, I ask, who can possibly be dying?

  • Linda B.

    It’s for sure Lionel. Anyone who saw the previews for upcoming episodes at the end of last week’s show saw Lex push Lionel out a window.

    I’m not spoiling anything the CW didn’t already spoil for us.

  • Brandy

    True, but it does seem like a big give away on a preview… so i wonder if it isn’t someone else… they say it’s the day that basically creates the relationship as we know it between superman and Lex… i just don’t know if Lionel is enough for that… now Chloe or Lana… Chloe always was in danger because she never existed in cannon… god i hope it’s lionel and not her.

  • Jay


  • Sheindie


  • KaeDee

    Despite my dear wish that it would be Lana, it has to be Lionel. I don’t think the CW has the balls to knock off Lana and give the show new life.

  • It does seem odd that they would show Lionel being pushed during the preview. I’m thinking it could be just a daydream in Lex’s head. But I can’t think of anyone other than Lionel who they could kill.

    Here’s hoping CW grows a set and knocks off Lana. Or Kara. Or maybe both!

  • Aileen

    Probably Lionel, but if so, why is he stuck in a stupid normal grave when he should be in a mausoleum? You can’t tell me they don’t have the Luthor family mausoleum somewhere. You’re a billionaire, Lionel! Think big!

  • They wouldnt give a way the big death on a preview, Its not going to be Lionel, dont be so quick to believe haha. I think it will be Chloe, Clark’s watch tower. thats reason enough for inevitable enmity

  • justcorbly

    Here’s a thought: Someone fakes his/her death. This would let the actor out of the series without killing off the character.

    Or, maybe it’s a dream sequence, a Lex fantasy, part of him going over the edge.

    i agree with others that the death of a major character wouldn’t be tipped in a trailer.

  • U_Nick

    If it was one of the girls, CLark would be a lot angrier in those pics, especially if the ONLY other person there were Lex, because he would no doubt have some hand in the death. Gotta be Lionel.

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  • Oceandeep

    Well, judging that both Clark and Lex are stood opposite each other and the fact that it’s no big grave site…..I’m betting that it’s Lana. The whole body language of the picture show them as they truly are. totally opposite. The only person they both have loved is Lana. It, IMHO is the only reason they would be both there and also facing each other and not stood united.

    Interesting….can’t wait for Channel 4 here in the UK to pull it’s finger out and finally show us season7!!

  • Smallville Fan

    Chloe, Because Chloe is probably going to heal Lana and that will be such an inpact to her powers that It will result in her death.

  • Uofuby5

    I am going out on a limb.. Either pete ross uses his elastic ability again to save lionel and he gets the bullet, one of the not used very much justice league people, maybe krypto the dog jumps out the window after seeing lionel had his super doggy bone and breaks lionels fall while he dies, don’t be suprised if lionel dies and chloe finds out she has the ability to bring people back from the dead or we do that whole jor-el 2nd chance go back in time bit like we did in season 5.. better yet how about lana dies clark screams learns how to fly and spins the world back like in superman 🙂

  • John

    I get it.
    Lex pushes Lionel off the top of a building.
    The next morning Lex wakes up next to Bob Newhart, goes to the bathroom to find his dad in the shower as if nothing happened.
    This is enough to drive Lex over the edge.
    End of episode, end of series, we can all breathe again.

  • Saad

    Can’t be Lana if they’re following the storyline of the Superman movies then Lana has to be alive.
    I’m saying its Lionel but then again his burial place should be more fancy and there should be a mass of mourners and press etc.
    God knows let’s just wait until the 17th

  • I don’t think that it is Lana because she would of been buried in Smallville and that looks like Metroplios And I am not sure if it would be Chloe because she could of used her ablity to use one of her tears to bring Lana back I am beting on Lionel because it shows lex shoving him out the window

  • I don’t think it will be Lana because she would of been buried in Smalliville and from what it looked like that was Metroplios and I am not sure it would of been Chloe I mean she could of used her ablity to bring Lana back but I don’t think it was Chloe or Lana so it I am beting on Lionel it shows lex shoving him out the window I hope I am right I don’t want to be disapointed about what will happen on Smallville

  • Here it is: Lana dies (they pull the plug) – in “Veritas” Braniac killed her (made her a vegetable) and now that the brain is gone, the body gets buried. Lionel will NOT die (this is a sneaky diversion for fans in the trailer). Because the actor is signed for Season 8. Kristen (Lana) is not, and will appear in a series of “flashbacks” for Season 8.

  • Mark

    I don’t think its Lana because she is in Superman 3. So i”m leaning toward L.L or Chloe. Neither are important figures in the future of Superman. If it was Chloe Lex wouldn’t be there. But Lex is too predictable. Ive got a feeling it might be Lana sadly.

  • Mark

    By the way that’s Lana’s necklace. Even though she is in Superman 3, Smallville has not always followed along with the Superman mythology.

  • lew

    has it occured to anyone that this could be later on in the series, rather than the next episode ??

  • mystery girl

    i wish it was lana so chloe and clark can have their love moment as they never do who agrees?
    Chloe and Clark are destined for each other .
    Lana just waiting to be rescued
    Who knows who it is ?

  • Chloe

    I think its Lionel, or we’re supposed to think its him, anyway. If it was Lana, both Clark and Lex would look crushed, but neither look particularly sad, just really… humbled and mad or something.

    It had better not be Chloe. Besides, I dont think Lex would bother attending Chloe’s funeral.

  • Martin The Insider

    As someone who works as an extra on the show (sometimes), the rumor for next season is….

    less of Lex, or maybe not at all
    Lois and Jimmy get way more attention
    Clark starts to get the reporter itch
    Kara is a side burner (like Martian Manhunter)
    Lana – depends on real life going ons of actress Kristen (she’s doing a huge movie – Street Fighter)
    Maybe a build up for Justice League spinoff – MAYBE

    And before the show wraps for good, the following will happen 100%….

    Clark WILL be able to fly
    Lionel WILL be dead
    Cloe WILL be dead

    Also, the show will be more fast paced, and less how do you say, Saturday afternoon fare. You won’t be able to look down at your toes without missing something. Sound track will be over-hauled – more intense, and no more show ending ballads – it dates the show greatly.

    Basically, if you miss one episode in the new season you will be hooped.


  • dean

    lionel dies guys, lana wont be appearing this eposide. plus she is signed 4 8 seasons unlike lionel. also i have it on good authority that smallville has bigger plans for her!!

  • bozmania

    I think it could be lana because she is in a hospital and if you look at the grave stones they’re all the same and if it was lionel you think he would have a huge gravestone.

  • boo

    lana defo

  • Adam G

    I doubt it’s Lana… Clark would be more upset than he is in the pics, and Chloe would be there too. Clark doesn’t look sad at all.

  • Gerardo

    Smallville just keeps getting better, its full of suprises!!!! It’s neither Lionel nor Lana

  • Michael W

    There are scenes in this episode that has Lex verbally speaking with his much younger and nicer self. There is one scene in which Lex symbolically (at least I hope was the case) forcing his good self into the fireplace. I’m wondering if that coffin is a representation, such as a picture, of that good self…now dead and buried forever. In other words, Lex is totally evil. It would be ironic if this were the case especially since Clark drops dirt on the coffin. Clark then, symbolically speaking, confirming that Lex is now is greatest nemesis; Clark, of course, not knowing of this strange twist or ruse. Just a thought.

  • lana,Lionel or Chloe they both know them three and all have the most relstion ship with clark and lew like lex is chloes boss lionels son and lanas x huband and clark is lanas boyfriend chloes bestfriend and lionels frined