The Backlot: We Preview the Michael Sara PRISON BREAK Reunion

sara michael prison break reunion

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  • tim wilkins

    will the fans “lose their heads” over this plot twist? lol

  • TB

    lol, i havent seen”The Backlot” in a long time, i think its time ot bring the podcast back too, even for one episode.

  • theTVaddict

    Hey Tim and TB,

    Thanks for the BACKLOT love. In case you didn’t know, aside from TV, my secret obsession may involve becoming the next Scott Adams!

  • DB

    hahaha, that’s my first thought when i saw the news too! gosh, this show has definitely past its prime two seasons ago! the producers seem to be so desperate on coming up with ridiculous ways to keep the show alive…reading the interview on TVguide where the producers made up excuses for keeping Sara alive was just sad and pathetic.

  • CC

    Thanks for the giggle!

  • theTVaddict


    As sad as this may sound, thanks for the comment. You totally made my day :)

  • Haya

    hehehe, i actually laughed at that!

  • Ally

    Love it.

  • tim wilkins

    i only watched the 1st season. even wentworth in a wet t-shirt isn’t enough to keep me watching. =) and fox isn’t oz. er hbo.

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