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amy davidson
By: Amrie Cunningham [My Take on TV]

The latest original offering airing on Lifetime Movie Network this weekend is their first miniseries. “The Capture of the Green River Killer” tells the true story of the 20-year search for the most prolific serial killer in US history. The miniseries stars Tom Cavanaugh (“Ed”), as detective Dave Reichert, the man who persevered to bring an end to this extraordinary case. The story is told through the eyes of a runaway, named Helen (“Hel”) Remus, played so inspiringly well by Amy Davidson (perhaps most recognizable for her role on “8 Simple Rules”). Amy was kind enough to sit down and answer some questions for us about her role, her close ties to her “8 Simple Rules” family, and why this story needed to be told.

What about this mini-series for LMN drew you in? The other cast members, the writing, the network?
Amy Davidson:
I would have to say the story for sure drew me in. It was one of those scripts that I couldn’t put down. And it was a long one! My character Hel was an absolute dream role for me. I had been wanting a role that would expand me as a person and as an actress. I’ve always wanted to do a lifetime movie. And here I booked LMN’s first miniseries. That was such a bonus!

What does a viewer need to know about your character, Hel, before watching the mini-series?
Hel asks the questions that I think we all want answers to. At least I know I want the answers. When we first meet her, she’s an innocent girl who just wants to be loved. And as the story progresses we see the toll life takes on her. She starts to go in a downward spiral and it’s just heartbreaking.

Was it difficult getting into the mind of this character? What kind of inspiration did you seek to be able to play it so well?
My biggest inspiration was the girls who were victims of the Green River Killer. I wanted to do them justice. Once I saw their faces on the internet, I knew my commitment would have to be 150%. Because this is such a gut-wrenching story for me, I was connected emotionally right away. I can only imagine what these souls went through. And that feeling is what carried me through.

Why should viewers tune in to watch this weekend – what’s your favorite thing about the mini-series??
This is a story that had to be heard! Prostitution is still happening! I just read that there is an estimated 600,000 children under the age of 16 who are working as prostitutes in the United States. We have to raise the awareness. This doesn’t just happen in the movies. My favorite aspect of our story is that it’s so honest. We don’t hold back. And that may be hard for some people to watch.

Like I said, we loved you on 8 SIMPLE RULES, where you had such great comedic timing – is it difficult switching between drama and comedy? Which do you prefer – comedy or drama?
I want my career to bounce back and forth from comedy to drama! I loved doing something so dramatic! And I love comedy! To me it keeps my career interesting. You won’t see me playing the same role over and over again!

Switching gears to 8 Simple Rules for a minute – do you keep in touch as a cast?
Kaley and I are extremely close… We are sisters now. Its a strange day when we don’t talk or text or email! Martin and I are close as well… That’s the beauty of a cast. You are linked for life. Katey is still a mother to me. If I need anything she is there. And then we have grandpa! We have lunch with Jim every 3 months or so… We go to his country club or Nate and Al’s. That’s a very important relationship in my life. I love that man!?

Why did you originally want to become an actress – was it a moment in time, or just a general feeling?
I remember being 5 years old and watching KIDS INCORPORATED and thinking I want to do that! Being so young, it was hard for me to articulate that to my parents. Plus I was dancing. But as I grew older I realized exactly what I wanted to do and that’s when my dream became my reality.

Who are you dying to work with? What actors and actresses are your favorites?
I just love Susan Sarandon! She is so elegant. So timeless! That’s the career I aspire to have! I would love to play mother and daughter someday 🙂

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Whose career would you love to have?
In the next five years I see myself on another show. Maybe a drama? That would be fun! I also want do film. I love telling stories that make a difference. I love the drama! But I also want to do lighthearted comedies… I want to do it all! Again, I’d have to say Susan Sarandon. I want longevity. I want to be doing this until I’m 95!

What TV shows are you watching when you have downtime? What do you do to relax when you have downtime?
I love Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and Greys! Loyal viewer… House is also a favorite. I have to admit that reality TV is a guilty pleasure… Love America’s Next Top Model! And Top Chef! And who doesn’t love Project Runway?? Oh – I’m also obsessed with the Girls Next Door 🙂

I read that you volunteer with “Children of the Night” – tell us a little bit about that?
Children of the Night is an organization that rescues kids from the streets and provides a home for them where they have a support system. Where they see the possibilities of a different life. Dr. Lois Lee is the founder and an extraordinary woman. She works hands on with these kids and truly makes a difference. While I was filming, there was something inside me that wanted to go further with the knowledge that I was receiving. I wanted to reach out. To be a part of something bigger than me. So when I got home, we contacted Children of the Night. Volunteering is so rewarding. I learn so much from these girls. And if my being there makes the slightest impact then I know I’m doing something right.??Set time aside to watch this very well made, well-acted, and chilling miniseries. Part one of “The Capture of the Green River Killer” airs on LMN, Sunday night at 8PM. The conclusion airs Monday night at 8.

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  • LOVE Amy Davidson. Still miss 8 SIMPLE RULES. Aside from Phil Hartman, John Ritter is one of the only celebrities I genuinely miss.

    Also LOVE that Amy actually watches TV. It’s always so disappointing when actors are like, “I don’t have time for TV!”

  • Good questions! You asked some I didn’t. lol Here’s mine, with a few questions that you didn’t get (as well as some that are the same. lol)

    And yeah, I love her. I miss 8SR too! 🙁

  • she’s amazing i love amy davidson she is very inspiring actress people can learn so much from her