Breaking News: FRIENDS Returning to NBC

friends cast

In an effort to attract more eyeballs to their brilliant, yet perennially under-watched Thursday night lineup, NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker will announce at tomorrow’s NBC Up Front that he’s turning to a few of his old friends for a little help.

Six very famous friends to be more precise.

Turns out, that true to their theme song, they will be there for us. And come this fall — just when we [not to mention NBC] need them most — fans will once again be able to catch Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey each and every Thursday night at 8PM.

It’s the ultimate win-win situation. For the peacock network “It’s a dream come true,” expressed NBC development executive Sloof Lirpa. “It’s going to turn 30 ROCK, THE OFFICE and EARL into the mammoth ratings hits they so rightfully deserve to be.”

And for the gang from Central Perk, after a string of embarrassing box office duds and failed television shows, they’ll finally get their careers back on track.

Said a genuinely excited David Schwimmer in an interview with the LA Times, “I don’t think the six of us have been in the same room since the show ended.”

For more details, including interviews with all of your favorite FRIENDS, check back later in the day.

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  • allie

    Do you mean repeats will be airing, or all new episodes? OMG, if it is new episodes (which I doubt) I’ll be soooo overjoyed! Friends is my favourite show EVER!

  • Jacob

    You almost had me. Off I go to come up with my own pranks!

  • anna

    Sloof Lirpa to, you, too!

  • bea

    april fools day isnt until tomorrow, right?

  • gossipcrazy

    hahahaha i love it! happy april fool’s!

  • TB

    lol, almost had to me
    But then I realized what day it was.

  • gossipcrazy

    where’s the april fool’s end?

  • tezuka

    OMG! is this real ? or just some April Fool’s joke?

  • No

    Posted on March 31st. You Fail.

  • Tsssssss is all I will say…

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  • Tim

    April Fools?

  • Stef

    Oh. April Fool’s. I totally fell for that.

  • jacki

    At first I thought you meant they were going to air Friends re-runs in primetime on Thursdays. As sad as that is, I could actually see that happening on NBC. Happy April Fools! 🙂

  • To theTVaddict reader ‘No’

    In defense of April Fools, this not-at-all-fake April Fools joke was posted at 12:30am eastern time on April 1, 2008. The site for some reason is not set to the time zone in which I live!

  • adrianne

    You should not fool with this! A lot of us want Friends to come back!!! I need Friends to come back!!! And all my initial ephoric reaction killed me when i realized which day is it today….

    Happy April’s fool day, anyway.

  • Nice one, but unfortunately even if they did come back, I still wont watch it.

  • tim wilkins

    NBC can’t afford to pay them unless they do a “reality version” of FRIENDS with the cast members trying to score their ole paychecks. lol Although, some of those friends aren’t exactly “busy” these days, but then they don’t have to after all that money they made. lol

  • Elizabeth

    this is cruel

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  • ewanspotter

    Har har.

  • someone needs to fix some of the wordpress settings (or at least configure the server time offset better 😛 ) good try.