Holy Frak! What a Way to Start the Week

battlestar galactica press kit

“Holy Frak… Holy Frak… Holy Frak!” is what I’m quietly uttering under my breath so that my friendly neighborhood FedEX driver doesn’t think I’m deranged.

Did the SCI FI Network just send me what I think they sent me? Is theTVaddict.com one of the select few media outlets that have been entrusted with a preview copy of the most highly anticipated series premiere since, well, the last time BATTLESTAR GALACTICA returned to the airwaves? Talk about the perfect way to start off a dreary Monday in Toronto.

Be sure to check back with theTVaddict.com all week, as we’ll be celebrating Friday’s return of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA with news, reviews and if you’re lucky, a few spoilers as well.

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  • Anna

    OMG you are so lucky!!!
    I feel lucky too because this blog made me know BSG and now i love it, so thank you!! =)

  • Maria

    Aaaaagh so jealous!!


    Sooooo jealous.

  • SimplyKimberly

    Get The Frak Out Of Here!

    :turns violent green with envy:

  • What sucks is that we can’t talk about what we possess, lol!

    I think SciFi Channel will sue both Daniel and I if we even mention there are opening credits. Or that there are Cylons. Or that it stars Edward James Olmos.

    The confidentiality clause was quite extensive. =P

  • I’m still waiting for it to leak onto the internet. Not that I mind waiting until Friday, but I may not have access to SciFi until Monday and I wouldn’t mind starting early.

  • Wow. I just finished watching the screener. It’s as brilliant as ever, maybe more.

  • Lucky, lucky, lucky dogs 😛 I’m soooooo jealous

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