TV Addict Scoop: We Preview the Return of GOSSIP GIRL

gossip girl spoilers

Since we at have already spent hours analyzing these scandalous new GOSSIP GIRL photos, we thought it about time to let you all in on the fun. Got a take on Nate and Dan’s secluded rendezvous! The ascension to power of new Queen Bee Jenny! Chuck’s sinister stare! Post away with your theories and click the link below for more photos, complete with TV Addict commentary that you’ve got to see to believe.

gossip girl spoilers
Who’s Jenny’s giving the evil eye to?

gossip girl spoilers
It’s Chuck and Eric Mini Chuck! [Note, credit for 'Mini Chuck' goes to TV Addict reader Aileen]

gossip girl spoilers
Note to Jenny, it’s probably not a good idea to make Blair cry.

gossip girl spoilers
Could that mysterious man in the photo be Chuck’s new ‘friend’?

gossip girl spoilers
No lack of subtlety here as Jenny [aka The New Blair] literally ascends to her throne.

gossip girl spoilers
Serena’s still smiling. Clearly Georgina hasn’t made it to town.

gossip girl spoilers
Oops, we spoke too soon.

gossip girl spoilers
Warning, the following comment is highly inappropriate. If you’re under eighteen, stop reading now. Hands in their pocket or are Nate and Dan just really happy to see each-other?

CW PHOTO CREDIT: Giovanni Rufino/THE CW ©2008

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  • Aileen

    Look at little Eric! he is like a mini-Chuck. But less creepy.

    And Jenny’s sock and tights combo? So outlandishly awesome. These crazy fashions are part of why I have a deep love for GG.

    I cannot wait for new GG!

  • Stef

    I cannot wait!

  • gossipcrazy

    i’m really bothered with Little J being the new queen bee — i don’t get it, did she suddenly come into money? enough to buy her rich girl stuff? or are we still assuming it’s still thrift-store fashion?

  • nctodc

    Jenny’s outfit is very patriotic with all that red, white and blue. Is it the 4th?

  • Aileen

    I got credited for something! Awesome!

  • Kat

    i can’t wait for it to come back! I thought the only chuck I would have this spring would be in that movie Son of Rambow. Thank God the show is coming back so now I can see him in my living room AND at the movies!

  • fancastfan

    I love the behind the scenes stuff. There is a video interview filmed on the GG set with Chuck and Nate. It’s funny seeing Chuck (Ed Westwick) in his English accent. The interview is at—Chuck-Bass/videos