BEVERLY HILLS 90210 Version 2.0 Casts its First Student

dustin milligan

Thanks to his fantastic friendship with Rob Thomas, your very own TV Addict will be making a cameo in the upcoming pilot for BEVERLY HILLS 90210: THE NEXT GENERATION is how I’d start this post assuming we were still on the April Fools bandwagon.

But since we’re not, this TV Addict is thrilled to introduce you to Dustin Milligan. The first official new cast member to join the ranks of Beverly Hills 90210: Version 2.0.

Milligan will play Ethan, who the NYPost not only describes as a brainiac, but also as someone who “possesses other qualities valued in the 90210. Namely, a striking resemblance to original 90210 bad boy Dylan McKay.”

It also should be noted that Milligan possesses a second quality that might be of value to showrunner and TV Addict best friend Rob Thomas; he’s Canadian. Which is quite the positive sign, since any 90210 fan worth his weight in Nat’s World Famous Peach Cobler knows that the last Canadian to roam the halls of West Beverly High was none other than Jason Priestley.

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  • tim wilkins

    I also heard that “hannah” the child of Andrea will be in the pilot as well. Hearsay, but I remember you suggesting that very thing when news first broke out. =) and that’s no april fool’s joke. lol

  • showtime

    I feel as if The CW is trying to compete with Degrassi: The Next Generation. The whole thing with Andrea’s daughter Hannah being present in this 90210 remake draws similarities to Emma, Spike’s daughter in Degrassi. Just a thought…

  • Common Sense

    Not necessarily “compete,” showtime. But a sequel to a series does, by nature, imply or require there to be some continuity or links to the original show. Just because Degrassi carries on for decades in Canada doesn’t mean the U.S. can’t have a second-generation school drama, as well.

  • showtime

    Of course it makes sense that there would be some continuity since it is a spin-off. I’m just stating that Degrassi: TNG is quite popular in US now (as it is in Canada), and there is this 90210 spinoff, that has the same premise as Degrassi. The U.S. can make this “second-generation school drama” to go along with all the others. I just want Degrassi to increase its success in the States. Honestly, how many Americans get exposed to Canadian television compared to the amount of American television Canadians get exposed to?

  • Patty

    Dustin Milligan is a great actor. I might watch the show just because he is in it 😀

  • they better totally have the original cast stop in from time to time… and should totally use the Peach Pit as the dinner they meet after rocking the bars and clubs (yes I want an edgier version)