TV-aholic’s Anonymous News Roundup

In a cost cutting move the Sci-Fi Channel cuts their final season order of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA from twenty to ten episodes. Said a Sci-Fi Channel Spokesperson, “Who needs to actually find earth? Can’t viewers use their imagination?”

LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff & Carlton Cuse have a change of heart, say they’ll let LOST survive one more year so they can do the long rumored ZOMBIE season. ABC and fans alike rejoice.

CW brings back VERONICA MARS. Says CW President Dawn Ostroff, “If ABC can bring back CUPID, we can bring back our own Rob Thomas show from the dead!”

John Krasinski gives his two weeks notice at THE OFFICE, follows George Clooney to the silver screen. That noise you’re hearing right now, the despair of millions of Jim/Pam Shippers world-wide.

NBC cancels 75% of their programming, decides to run CELEBRITY APPRENTICE year-round.

CBS gives up on younger viewers, decides to green-light CSI: WICHITA and COLD CASE: DES MOINES.

THE VIEW’s Sherri Shepard credits never graduating grade school as the reason she thought the world was flat.

EVERWOOD to be adapted into a Broadway musical. Treat Williams to reprise his role.

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  • tim wilkins

    I wish “Veronica” was being brought back. And good point, what’s up the new “cupid”? In an effort to bring in younger viewers, CBS gives Britney Spears a role on “Ghost Whisperer” as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s half sister. Remind you of the casting of Posey and Ambrose from “jezebel?” lol =)

  • shanna

    I would watch Cold Case: Des Moines. I wonder how people kill each other in Iowa.

  • paketep


  • James

    Oh I get it…its April Fools Day. Thanks for hitting me over the head with it today.

  • SimplyKimberly

    What The Frak?

    You better hope The Sci Fi Channel doesn’t sue when BSG fans storm their offices and rip the place apart.

    I’m just saying!

  • Denym pedersen

    When i first read the one about BSG i almost died, literally, then i saw it was a joke

  • CC

    Lost the ZOMBIE episode? How awesome would that be!