What can I really tell you about Friday’s fourth and final season premiere of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? Not nearly as much as I’d like to.

Don’t get me wrong, this TV Addict has got oodles to say about the return of a certain fighter pilot, the newest four members of the Cylon family and the ever-increasingly bizarre actions of one Giaus Baltar. Yet my lips shall remain sealed thanks to the confidentially agreement I was obligated to sign with the SCI FI Network before they would even consider sending me the GALACTICA screener!

No joke. If I even dare mention any of the “Oh No He [or She or It] Didn’t” moments that take place during the episode’s final fifteen minutes, I’m pretty sure that SCI FI has the right to show up at my doorstep and take possession of my dog, TV and future first born.

That said, here is what I can reveal. While BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fans will by no means be let down come Friday at 10PM. Fans might be disappointed to discover that episode scribes David Weddle and Bradley Thompson take a page from the LOST playbook. Raising far more questions than they do answers.

Just how LOSTesque is Friday’s episode? For one, there’s a time discrepancy that would make Daniel Faraday scratch his head. Enough mystic visions you’d think a black smoke monster was loose on Galactica. Not to mention an ending so jaw-dropping this TV Addict half expected LOST’s trademark fade-to-black title screen to cap off the episode.

Of course frustrating lack of answers aside, the episode still manages to be well worth the wait thanks to the one-two combo of one of the series’ most spectacular space battles to date and yet another tour-de-force performance courtesy of Colonel Tigh [Will someone please give Michael Hogan an Emmy, or at the very least, a nomination.]

In fact, fans will be happy to know that ‘He That Believeth in Me,’ while not without its flaws, accomplishes the only mission that matters. It sets the perfect tone for what will undoubtedly be one helluva final season.

The only downsize, with the finale in the books, only nineteen more episodes remain in what will surely go down as one of the most challenging and exhilarating shows in the history of the medium.

Experience the excitement for yourself by tuning into the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fourth and final season premiere this Friday at 10PM on SCI FI [SPACE in Canada]

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  • c’mon, tell us more. i for myself won’t miss your dog, tv or first born. 😀
    really looking forward.

  • kewntin,

    I’ll give you one clue as to the episode’s final scene. The phrase, “all of this will happen before, all of this will happen again” comes to mind.

  • shanna

    Ok I know BSG is big and yesterday was April Fools Day but NO HIMYM POST?!!! Monday’s ep was seriously the best of the season.

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  • Karris

    I’m going to go waaaay out there and guess that Tigh shoots Adama, “all of this will happen again” from Boomer shooting him. Kidding! But seriously I can’t WAIT til tonight! 12 more hours!

  • nathan

    i only just finished watching the eppy.

    yes, i live in australia and battlestar does not air here so i have to find other means *wink wink* of getting it. and lets just say it took longer than anticipated.

    but after seeing the episode. i was so blown away.

    from col. tighs hallucination to the frakkin’ last minute, i realized i wasn’t breathing. lols.

    but seriously. i forgot how much i loved BSG! this episode brought all my love back at the speed of a viper.

    i await the next episode with batted breathe.

    “so say we all mother-frakkers”