Aside from being a self proclaimed TV Addict, I’m also somewhat of a gadget nerd. And with that in mind, this TV Addict wanted to take a moment to mention my good friends over at Techlore. Tonight on the History Channel’s MODERN MARVELS [8PM est], site co-founder Steven Jones’ very own in-home gadget museum will be featured as MARVELS highlights the evolution of tech.

As the plug parade continues, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that MTV’s AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW is holding auditions in New York, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles. Think you and your crew of five to seven dancers have what it takes to compete in season two of Randy Jackson’s hit show? Click here for audition details.

And finally, since my friends who work at the CBC have too much class and integrity. I know they’d be happy to see a public shot taken at Canada’s so-called Broadcasting Corporation for this week’s bone-headed move announcing the cancellation of THE ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FARCE [think Canada’s version of SNL]. Now I realize I’m a mere mortal TV Addict and not the head of the CBC. But perhaps one of the Powers That Be wishes to explain why they’re canceling a Canadian Institution. Our theory, it’s to compensate for the ratings anemic and costly mistakes known as THE BORDER, JPOD, SOPHIE and MVP. And if that’s the case, perhaps Canada’s Celebrated AIR FARCE shouldn’t be the ones vacating the premises.

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  • Jane

    Air Farce is being canceled because both Roger Abbot and Don Ferguson want to retire after doing the show for 35 years. They are producers as well as performers on the show. As someone who listened to the Air Farce on CBC radio long before the tv show it makes sense to end the show with their retirements. This was all discussed during an interview on cbc radio and is posted on the show’s website.

  • D

    save jPod at http://savejpod.ca