TV Addict Scoop: School’s Out for One DEGRASSI Star

Regular readers of may recall my recent call, well not so much as a ‘call’ but rather a cry for TV scoop! You know, so that I may one day turn this ‘gig’ into an actual real-life job and overtake my long-time nemesis/friend crush Michael Ausiello.

So without further ado, I present The TV Addict’s Genuine For Real TV Scoop

DEGRASSI’s part time lesbian, reformed mean girl, pot-head cheerleader may be finally moving on to bigger and better things. Courtesy of some inside sources, the TV Addict has learned that Lauren Collins [Paige] has just signed onto the Nicole Sullivan [MAD TV, SCRUBS] Lifetime series RITA ROCKS.

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  • Josh Emerson

    What’s this about a Nicole Sullivan series? She’s great!

  • Nicole Sullivan stars as Rita, A frazzled working mother starts a garage band with her neighbor and a female postal worker. In the pilot, Lauren Collins will play her daughter.

  • CC

    Hmm. Well it would be nice to see her in other things. Shes one of my favorites from the show. Degrassi should have been over like 3 seasons ago lol

  • Mohammad

    oh daniel, don’t worry about the fact that you don’t have as much scoop as michael ausiello

    i come to this site for your witty insight, reviews and thoughts on tv and tv related news items, thats what makes the site so great 🙂

  • Kelly

    I will have to agree with Mohammad. I go to other sites for scoop, like Kristin as E!, but i come here because you actually give your opinions on things. Keep doing what your doing and dont worry about trying to find scoop.

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