You Be the Critic: It’s HOUSE 24/7 on FOX!

Sitting on my couch, as I’m one to do on a Monday night, this TV Addict thought he’d ask the one question FOX executives probably don’t want to hear. When’s REUNION coming back? What’s more repetetive: FOX using HOUSE to fill holes in their schedule a minimum of three times a week, or the formulaic nature of HOUSE itself?

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  • shanna

    You know what makes it so sad? Because Fox has literally canceled EVERYTHING that wasn’t a breakout hit, they only have House to fill their slots. Repeats of Prison Break and 24 don’t do well and there’s nothing else.

  • Stef

    I think my poor Tivo is going to explode. It records every single House episode that is on….it is getting rather annoying.

  • Jacob

    Both? Right? Do I win?

  • ewanspotter

    Better than a reality show. S’all I’m saying.