TV Addict to Showrunners: Cast These Actors

‘Tis the season for casting TV shows. And since not a day seems to go by without news that so-and-so has been cast in a such-and-such a show, this TV Addict thought he’d put his ‘casting agent hat’ on [yes, I really have one] and toss out a few names that anxious showrunners might wish to snatch up. You know, in the interest of hiring talented and frankly, awesome actors who will bring with them an already built-in audience.

Since we’re pretty confident the writer’s of DAMAGES are not planning to ‘pull a PRISON BREAK’, Zeljko Ivanek’s conflicted and brilliant attorney Ray Fiske will not be around to haunt Patty Hewes when the FX drama returns.

It’s a fact. Throughout seven seasons of GILMORE GIRLS, Liza Weil never failed to steal a scene. No matter how good or bad things were going for Lorelai and Rory, Paris Gellar could always be counted on to remind frustrated fans why they fell in love with Stars Hollow to begin with.

Since making the bone-headed move to leave BATTLESTAR GALACTICA for Bill Lawrence’s [SCRUBS] unfortunately titled pilot NOBODY’S WATCHING, the same can be said for Campbell’s career. Isn’t it time Campbell got picked up to play a romantic foil? Or to be more specific, Penny’s boyfriend on the BIG BANG THEORY. Because we’re pretty sure why Penny remains single is a question even Sheldon doesn’t have an answer for.

The adorable Ms. Reeser single handedly brought this TV Addict back to THE OC for its fourth and final season. Surely there’s an aging series that could use a similar injection of energy.

Okay, so it’s well documented that this TV Addict is absolutely in love with Keri Lynn Pratt. But obvious bias aside, there must be room on one of the CW’s twenty-five teen melodramas in development for TV’s MAP [Most Adorable Player].

While we’re not exactly sure how his character Martin Posner can mysteriously disappear from the law firm that bares his name [ELI STONE’s Weatherby & Posner]. We think EVERWOOD alum Tom Amandes deserves a far better fate than glorified extra. So on the off chance THE OFFICE genius Greg Daniels is reading this. May we humbly suggest casting Mr. Amandes in your uber secretive OFFICE spin-off.

And while we’re on the subject of hilarious unemployed TV Addict favorites. On both EVERWOOD and THE OC, Chris Pratt showed he’s got the comedic chops, not to mention likability factor for series television. Three words: Young Jim Halpert.

Apparently, alongside my never-ending bitterness over EVERWOOD’s abrupt cancellation, I’ll continue beating my WEST WING: THE NEXT GENERATION drum until somebody listens.

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  • Common Sense

    I’m with ya on Liza, the terrific Paul Campbell (I love everything those Nobody’s Watching dudes have done—wow, did The WB blow that opportunity), Amandes and Chris Pratt.

    I’ve never been a Keri Lyn fan. Too overused on one network, always playing a ditz. Try MyNetTV or cable, not the CW, for her.

  • Sending Keri Lynn to MyNetworkTV…. To far Common Sense… to far!

  • Autumn Reeser in the Lost Boys straight to DVD sequal…please somebody casting a pilot or guest spot offer her something worthy of her talents. They could always use a new girl for Riggins on FNL next season.

    How about Mitch Pileggi? A gust spot in Reaper earlier this year and the X-Files movie this summer isn’t enough Skinner.

  • I especially agree on Autumn Reeser and Liza Weil. Speaking of Gilmore Girls, how about Kelly Bishop?

    I also like the idea of a West Wing spinoff, ripoff, whatever–just some kind of presidential show. We almost had it with Commander-in-Chief a couple years ago. It’s a shame that didn’t last.

    TALL, Mitch Pileggi was a recurring actor on Stargate: Atlantis for a while, but I don’t think he’s been on there recently either. I wonder what else he’s doing?

  • John

    We already had a West Wing “spin-off”. It was called Studio 60.

    It had major problems.

  • Mohammad

    Liza is awesome! hope she gets a role soon.

  • Maybe we should make a show with Liza Weil, Autumn Reeser, Keri Lynn, Chris Pratt with Tom Amandes as the head of something… hmm… I’ve got an idea actually now!!!

    That would be an awesome cast!!! hmm…

  • oh. and Paul Cambpell too and Ivanek can be some sort of nemesis…