3 Reasons Why We’re Watching IDOL GIVES BACK.

brad pitt miley cyrus idol gives back

1. Because even though FOX is making millions off this very-special-extra-long-commercial-filled installment of IDOL GIVES BACK, six very worthy charities including The Children’s Defense Fund, Children’s Health Fund, The Global Fund, Make It Right, Malaria No More, Save the Children. will benefit greatly. [click for more on the charities]

2. We’re guaranteed to get a smile from Simon.

3. The cast of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE opens the show. And we’ve promised ourselves that this is the summer we’re finally jumping on the SYTYCD bandwagon.

For more information on tonight’s show including ways in which you can help… as if you can say no to Brad Pitt and Miley Cyrus, click here to visit americanidol.com/idolgivesback

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  • Your jumping on the SYTYCD bandwagon? What happened to the kid that was anti-reality for so long? Ha ha. Don’t they have a Canadian SYTYCD? Have you seen it?

  • Common Sense

    You’re watching tonight? That makes one of us. I can’t stomach those types of “look at me being all generous” shows. It’s nice that someone benefits, buit why make viewers suffer to do it? Ryan’s interminable promotion has been torture enough.

  • as much as i love SYTYCD, i really dont think im gonna watch the canadian one… are you gonna watch the canadian one of the regular one?

  • Haya,

    I’m going to give both a try, even though knowing how CTV strips down CANADIAN IDOL, I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.