First Look: SUPERNATURAL Does Reality TV

Rest assured, it isn’t what you’re thinking. SUPERNATURAL showrunner Eric Kripke has not turned Sam and Dean into the CW’s very own version of THE BACHELOR in effort to boost ratings. At least not yet.

But when SUPERNATURAL returns on April 24, Sam and Dean will take a break from their usual demon hunting to star in a gritty reality TV show called “Ghostfacers.” For a first look at what will no doubt be a hilarious gory-filled send up of the reality TV genre,

Sergei Bachlakov/The CW©2007 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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  • allie

    Jensen/Dean as the Bachelor? Yes please! I’ll be a contestant. (I’m not sure how Danneel will feel though!)

  • Mel

    Can’t wait for new Supernatural!! The boys look good in reality.

  • Cant wait for the next episode!!!

  • Interesting! Notice how Dean and Sam look right at home with all the dead bodies lying around? Too cute for words.

  • amy

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  • Lucy

    Suffering from supernatural withdrawal. Soo looking forward to more episodes 🙂

  • Amanda

    The boys are back. Awesome. Can’t wait. Thanks TV addict.

  • i’m sorry honey, i’m sure danneel would feel nothing because that’s what she is to jensen”nothing”. Sorry honey, but she isn’t dating him nor would she ever, because jensen is married to someone named stephanie ware.

  • Tash

    awesome pics !

    and rebecca bahahaha clearly you havent noticed that the stephanie ware comments where all cleared up lol !

  • Mark

    Thanks for these, TVAddict. Sam and Dean in their natural element (creepy old houses with corpses) is great.

    God I’ve missed this show. These pictures just warm my heart – a nice little reassurance that our shows are still in fact ALIVE.

    Or DEAD…bodies, that is. Rotting bodies? Awesome. Rotting bodies wearing party hats? Brilliant.

  • Jillian

    Yay! Thanks for the scoop. I’m really excited for Supernatural to come back with new episodes. It’s fun to see what clever twists they have planned next.

  • WOW!!!!! Thit^s Awesome!!!!!!! Finaly my boys are back….^,^) Do you notice how georgus Jensen look^s in all the pictures????!!!!????!!!!!
    And JENSEN ACKLES is not a Bachelor since… like 2 year^s… Sorry guys but JENSEN ACKLES AND DANNEEL HARRIS ARE A REALL HAPPY CUPLE!!!!!! Or tha^s whath all the fans that have been see them(together) said…. Anyway i like J&D…, Good luck to Jensn^s in his new movie.., i can^t waith for the last 4 episodes!!!!!!

  • Debbie C

    OMG, the boys are back!!! I just got back from EyeCon where I had a nice dose of Supernatural Q&A sessions with Jared, Jim Beaver, Samantha Ferris, Alona Tal, Chad Lindberg, Gabriel Tigerman, and Sandy McCoy. Now, there are only two weeks until new episodes and I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I want them NOW!!!!!

  • Raelynne

    mmmmyumm Dean…oops sorry supposed to comment aren’t I, those pics are just so damn good (even with skeletons and dead bodies included)……intense Winchester Withdrawal Symptoms (WWS) taking hold, …….can’t wait for this ep and the other 3! Hell House was a hoot, loved the pranks, and geeky Ed and Harry, so ‘Ghostfacers’ promises to be a classic fun Supernatural Ep. and three cheers for the gore!!!Woohoo! Missin’ you heaps Dean and Sammy want ya back real bad! 🙂
    ….oh and btw sorry rebecca but Jensen and Danneel looked pretty ‘together’ when I met them in Sydney this Feb….
    Hanging out for these new eps. take care everyone luv Raelynne x
    Supernatural Rules! 🙂 Long Live Supernatural! 🙂

  • mariale, that’s what all the fans said, but they surely hasn’t provied any truth to their supposed reliable source. Jensen hasn’t said anything about her on any interviews, the only ones I can remeber his interviews were all about stephanie ware as everyone and I have recalled. Danneel’s just itching for attention and fame and that’s all she wants and those lines on supernatural are strictly for stephanie ware…by the way, the new episodes that is coming up called ”ghostfacers” why does the storyline always say february? That’s the same month that stephanie has been born

  • little darky

    I only want to ask a little question,
    can you tell me what is this season ? so, Of what season are they these images?
    thnks !