gossip girl omfg

Nate and Serena! The CW took the words right out of our mouth. All together now… “OMFG!” GOSSIP GIRL [finally] returns on April 21. xoxox

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  • nctodc

    That isn’t from their earlier–ahem–encounter?

  • yeah isnt that from when they hooked-up before?

  • allie

    I want to see the Chuck/Blair version of the poster. Has anyone seen it yet?

  • Jacob

    No, no I believe that particular cover is from the Gossip Girl porn series. Or might as well be.

  • CC

    I second what Allie said, someone post the Chuck/Blair one please!

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  • Melissa

    Hey, i have the blair/chuck ad… but who do i uplaod it?

  • Melissa


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  • allie

    just type in blair/chuck omg poster and it comes up

  • Milla

    yeah , I also saw Chuck and Serena