SMALLVILLE Spoilers: Sleeper

While we at are not about to reveal which SMALLVILLE series regular will soon be joining Papa Kent in that big corn field in the sky. We will spill, that if these photos are any indication, things are not looking good for our favorite perky reporter. Click the link below for some serious spoiler filled photos from SMALLVILLE’s April 24 episode.

Michael Courtney/The CW © 2007

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  • Damn sure better not be Chloe. She may be the best character on that show, short of Lex.

  • Linda B.

    Is it me or does Jimmy not look that upset?

  • RTMS

    No kidding Jimmy looks almost happy like she’s toughing out a competition and he’s encouraging her to hang on.

  • Mohammad

    This confirms it’s not Chloe though 🙂
    The death occurs in the next episode, Descent, and these pictures are from the episode after that one, Sleeper.