The Backlot: MEN IN TREES Goes M.I.A.

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  • It’s really frustrating how much this show gets pushed around. Granted, it hasn’t been quite as good the last few weeks, but at the beginning of the season, I rated it the best returning show of the fall season. Why is it so hard for a network to pick a night for a show and stick with it for a while?

    I guess we should feel lucky that MiT hasn’t been canceled altogether, but it may be headed there soon if it keeps skipping and bouncing around. Thanks to a season pass on TiVo, catching every episode is not a huge issue for me, but I imagine it’s difficult for people without a DVR.

    They already had five or six episodes left over from their truncated first season and had more eps in the can than other show before the strike. Instead of becoming a mainstay for the network, they’re pre-empting it for May? Are the remain nine or so episodes going to show in the summer or be held over, again, for season three?

    I read that Boston Legal is getting moved too. ABC has become such a great network the past few years, why do they have to start screwing things up now?

  • Spike15156689

    This sucks! Its such a great show!! You have to stop mmoving it!! ABC is ruining it!! Please keep it on!! or at least show us all the episodes!

  • BHcolin

    I didn’t think it was starting tonight– it’s replaced with a PrimeTime special, please. I knew Boston Legal (another show ABC treats like sh-t) was taking over for a few weeks while Women’s Murder Club takes over Tues (and then MIT come back end of May)– but to pull Men In Trees for a PrimeTime special come on.

    Why don’t networks just make all there own shows. I mean seriously we see them all the time treat shows like crap cause they don’t own them– well then why did you pick it up in the first place, CBS with Old Christine
    ABC with Men in Trees. I guess I don’t understand the whole system cause it’s really pis-ing me off right now.

    I’ve been patient and understanding with ABC and Men in Trees. I love the show- just a sweet, fun show to watch. I mean it was a great Thurs. night line up with Ugly Betty, Grey’s and MIT and I understood them trying out Oct. Road there– fine. But that didn’t really do better in ratings
    Oh but it was an ABC owned show so that gets Thurs night then put on Monday– while MIT was pushed to Friday (after being off months) then we got a nice Wed. slot (after being off months) now it’ll be off til end of May and I’m losing my patience. Cause if they just burn off episodes will we get any closure , cause who knows if we’ll get a season three

    I guess I should think positive I mean they treat Boston Legal like this too (not as bad) and it’s still around– so there is hope I guess

    thanks-just needed to let it out

  • DB

    you forgot to put Boston Legal on the wheel…while you’re at it, consider the quick one-month-burn-off of Miss/Guided, why not put it on the wheel too…granted its season is over, but ABC need to find a time for it and renew it for next season!

  • CC

    It’s a really great show and deserves to be seen.

  • Jo

    Todd W:
    There will only be three episodes left to show after the May break:
    14 episodes were completed pre-strike (no post-strike production)
    + 5 episodes left over from season 1
    = 19 episodes for season 2

    14 have already been shown and new episodes are still scheduled for April 16th & 23rd, leaving three.

    I do agree ABC has treated the show like crap… with the erratic scheduling and lengthy breaks it’s like they don’t even want the show to have an audience!

  • It is really frustrating when you are looking forward to a show, relaxing for an hour and then it is moved around just one more time. For me I suggest we all go back to good books. No one can move those around on us and we get to control what and how much entertainment we get .

  • Please Men in Trees in a dedcicated time slot. I look forward to seeing that show all week and then bamm its moved yet again . I am picking up a book instead , at least reading I can control , who, what and when ….

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  • Leanne

    I love this show, but I am getting sick and tired of the change in nights, I can’t keep up with what night its supposed to be on. Does anyone know when this show is actually on. ABC, quit messing with the day and time to air this show. Sheesh!

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  • C

    I really do become annoyed with the way the show is moved around continuously, it is difficult to make plans ahead of time and have something else (HOSPITAL SHOWS) which I loathe put in the time slot. Will Men in Trees be available on DVD? That would be much easier and I could revisit whenever I wish.

  • shmoodley

    If you want to voice your opinion call ABC. Here’s the number
    1-818-460-7477 press 2 then 3 for primetime, and then #636 for MEN IN TREES. Save the trees!!!!

  • Nancy Sieverts

    The only good show on and it’s canceled Why ???
    I love Men In Trees..

  • Nancy Sieverts

    Sad to loose Men in Trees Think I’ll just turn my TV OFF !!