Tricia Helfer Crawls into Bed with FOX

In an incredibly astute move, FOX has signed BATTLESTAR GALACTICA star Tricia Helfer to a one year holding deal.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Under the one-year pact, the actress will star in a series project for the network, probably a drama.”

Now far be it from this TV Addict to do the job of a FOX executive, although Lord knows I’d be really good at it! But why not put Helfer to good use while the powers that be search for the ideal starring vehicle for her? And by ‘good use’ we of course mean a guest starring match made in heaven.

tricia helfer summer glau

After four seasons of playing BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s sexiest cylon, we’re pretty sure playing a robot sent from the future would be a cake walk. Not to mention, who isn’t tuning into Summer Glau vs. Tricia Helfer Round 1? Talk about kicking off the second season of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES with a bang. Or a nerd orgasm.

  • shanna

    Either that or Joss Whedon’s new show Dollhouse. Joss is a huge BSG fan.

  • BlooDStrikeR

    i think that this will be awesome 🙂
    and i really want summer glou to go in the next season of battle star galactica also , may be like the hidden 5-fth cilon….
    as a noughty prostitute whore :)))
    lol this will be awesomeeeeee more that awesome :DDD