Which AMERICAN IDOL is Worth Your 99¢

american idol final 8

The facts are these. Simon, Randy and especially Paula’s opinions are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The real measure of an IDOLS’s popularity is if they get you reaching for your proverbial pocket book.

Which begs the question, one that may in fact accurately predict who will win this year’s competition. Who’s performed well enough to actually get you to head on over to iTunes and purchase a song for 99¢?

Thus far, I’ve purchased David Archuleta’s rendition of ‘Imagine,’ David Cook’s ‘Billie Jean’ and am planning to pick up [when it’s released] last night’s Jason Castro version of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. And bonus points if you can tell me which popular TV show killed off one of their most beloved leading characters to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’

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  • eehh

    why “especially paulas opinion”?? why do you single her out like that? this is not 1850, women are important too you know these days, and their opinions matter.

  • Good point. I have a hard time thinking the judges wouldn’t try to sway the votes to keep a money-maker on the show. I haven’t purchased any, but there are a few I want to, including a couple each by both Davids, one of Carly’s and one of Brooke’s. I guess that means I don’t care much for the other four?

    And why does Kristy always wear a sparkly tank top now?

  • To eehh: My lack of respect for Paula has nothing to do with her being a woman. It stems from the fact that she says the same predictable thing virtually every week. How does being told that ‘you look great’ help a contestant in the future.

    LinzMcC: Kristy is an evil genius and gives the stereotype ‘dumb blond’ a run for its money. She’s making all the right movies, performing to her ‘base’ (country music fans) and looking incredible at the same time.

  • Hil

    “Your Worth 99¢” or “Worth Your 99¢” ?

  • WOW Hil, I’m so dyslexic sometimes. THANKS for the correction.

  • Mark Greene in ER was killed off to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

  • Nice Scott!

    Such a sad death, and the last episode of ER I actually remember caring about. http://youtube.com/watch?v=baKTxsu282s

  • David Cook – Happy Together, All Right Now, Hello, Elanor Rigby (favorite), Daytripper, Billie Jean, Little Sparrow

    Brooke White – Let it Be, Every Breath You Take, Jolene

    Jason Castro – If I Fell, Travelin’ Thru

    Michael Johns – Go Your Own Way, Don’t You (Forget About Me), Across the Universe, It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right

    Carly Smithson – Here You Come Again

    This week, I’ll probably buy David Cook (hoping the studio version will be better than the live performance, ouch), Jason Castro and Brooke White (one of my favorite songs),


    I have bought all of Jason Castro’s songs, David A’s The Long and Winding Road, David Cook’s Hello and some of Ramiel’s. I cannot wait for Over the Rainbow. I preordered from itunes.

  • Jim

    Jason Castro was terrible last night. Why would I buy his itunes song when I can hear the song on a commercial for free…and it sounds better. Ughh!

  • Britt1975

    Carly Smithson – Here You Come Again, Come Together, Blackbird, Total Eclipse of the Heart.

    Brooke White – Love is a Battlefield, Let It Be, Every Breath You Take.

    David Cook – Day Tripper, Hello

    Jason Castro – Daydream, Hallelujah

    Michal Johns – We Will Rock You/ We Are the Champions

    There are a few others that I’m eyeing… but I’ve stopped there for now.

  • Hil

    No worries, I am dyslexic so I had to look at it a couple times because at first it did read right to me…which isn’t normal. :).

  • Josh Emerson

    This reminds me, I wanted to buy a few of the recent songs. I haven’t kept up with Idol for a few weeks.

    Before that, I had bought all the David Cook and David Hernandez songs along with a few of Brooke’s.

  • Jeffrey Bryan

    All of David Cook except this week and last week. Carly’s Blackbird, and a few of Brook’s.

  • didnt they kill someone on Las Vegas with that song too?

  • Megan

    I’ve bought all of Jason Castro’s stuff, his studio performances are outstanding. Also Archuleta’s Imagine, Brooke’s Let it Be, and David Cook’s Billie Jean.

  • Common Sense

    iTunes? Well, I know all of my 99-cents are safe. Sorry, Idol, neither you or your sponsors have ever made a dime off me.

  • Kristen

    David A.’s “Imagine”, Jason’s “Travelin’ Thru”, and very soon to be Jason’s “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. I would’ve gotten Jason’s “Hallelujah” but I already had Jeff Buckley’s and, let’s face it, nobody does it better than Jeff may he rest in peace.

  • Molly

    I think which song you buy on iTunes is a good indicator of the artist’s music that you would actually buy… it focuses the attention less on people’s personality and performance (idol’s main weakness), and more on their actual ability to sell records.
    So, I have bought Brooke White’s Let It Be, Jason Castro’s Travelin Through, Michael John’s It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right, ad David Archuletta’s Angels.
    I would have bought others had iTunes released a studio version, however I’m not going to pay a buck for only a minute of a song!!