Has GOSSIP GIRL Crossed the Line?

While this TV Addict is all for creative advertising, I’m starting to think that the CW may have crossed the line with their latest ad campaign [see above video].

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for GOSSIP GIRL’s April 21st return. But should a show whose key demographic is comprised of teenagers really be having their lead character and supposed role model Serena Van Der Woodsen utter the ‘F’ word? [Television’s ultimate taboo!] When did GOSSIP GIRL turn into the American Version of SKINS?

Needless to say, we expect to hear from the Parent’s Television Council any moment now.

UPDATE: At the request of the CW, the racy promo in question has been removed.

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  • Wow. That was jarring in a way that left a horrible taste in my mouth. I think Gossip Girl might be in danger of being crushed by its own ego.

  • Stef

    This isn’t real. It can’t be real. Right? They can’t do that lol. I’m shocked.

  • Maria



  • Ally

    Well my computer isn’t working so great, so I cant see what you’re refering to, but didn’t the little girl on Everwood say the S word on a “very special episode”?

  • Ally,

    Firstly, it was Delia, and EVERWOOD can do no wrong!

    But seriously, I think there’s a huge difference between the ‘S’ word and the ‘F’ word.

  • Hmm… i personally like it, but i agree with you that it does seem like their aiming to be like the US version of skins. which is also a brilliant show, but its really unbelievable that they could do such a thing on American television… The f-word parts a bit weird, eh? like why put it in their if its gonna have to be bleeped out, just seems lame.

    im still super excited and cant wait til it comes back, tho!!

  • ewanspotter

    Eh, I’m pretty sure she’s not actually saying the F-bomb. Sounds like, “Nobody’s ever looked at me the way you just did.” Listen for it, forgetting the beep. It sounds like they’re just doing what Jimmy Kimmel does:


  • John

    I agree with ewanspotter. She is definitely saying “at” and that makes sense following “looked”, but not following “f…”.

  • I agree. If this gets out real teenagers might start using the F word. Some may even … dare I say … have sex.

    By the way, the reason you say it even if you know it will be beeped is because most adults know exactly what you said anyway. It’s called working the system.

  • OMFG!!! People still record players?

  • Jacob

    I think we all need to go and watch skins before we start comparing apples to oranges. This show is miles beneath that one.

    And am I the only one not understanding what they’re going for here?

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  • Maria

    I think most teenagers will not be offended by the show…whos going to be offended more are the adults…

    I don’t know..I am shocked by these promos…are they really going to show them???

    This either going to be very good for Gossip Girl or totally backfire….

  • Aileen

    She is saying “looking at.” All the clips that I can identify come from episodes we’ve already seen. The scene where Serena is supposedly saying the F word was the episode where Dan and Serena are attempting to have sex and she definitely did NOT say the F word in that one.

    I don’t like CW’s ad campaign. The show is really good and sexy and intriguing and addictive–why do they need to make such a cheap sex sells play? Besides, the video looks like some amateur work, posted on Youtube by those same kids who make really bad music videos featuring their favorite actor/actress/pairing.

  • sJ

    Skins over Gossip Girl any day!

  • Ally

    OKay I just saw the video and she didn’t say the F word. She was saying that nobody has ever (!)looked at (!)her the way that Dan did just then. And by the way, I’m not long out of high school and I didn’t know any people that didn’t curse like sailors.

  • Common Sense

    These “F” promos will only air on cable, not broadcast TV.

    Have they crossed the line, or just reflect how the target audience talks and acts? Sadly, I think we all know that answer.

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  • shanna

    I didn’t get a chance to see but I teach 12 year olds who use the F bomb on a regular basis. This won’t drive kids to curse. They’re already doing it.