Got a Question for BONES Star David Boreanaz?

At 2PM (eastern) the TV Addict will be taking part in a conference call with BONES star David Boreanaz. So if you’ve got a question that doesn’t include the world ‘Angel’, please post away in the comments below.

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  • cam3150

    I don’t have a question but, damn, that’s a good picture of him 🙂

  • nick

    Boreanaz question would be is there any truth to him playing
    Namor the Sub-Mariner in a new movie?

    my second is a Bones question.Are we going to get to see more about Booths past as a sniper?Maybe a flash back episode.


  • Patty

    Ah! I dont know if I could think of a good enough question to ask him! But do tell him that he’s one of everyone’s favorite actors!

  • Patty

    wait! I lied…you should ask him what his craziest tie that he owns is (because his character in Bones always has the crazy ties, you get it?)

  • David

    how about why he hates talking about the show that gave him a paycheck for five seasons and a legion of fans?

  • Cait

    HI. I want to ask…Does he spend a lot of time with his dogs? and is his favorite animal really dogs? because they are my favorite too

  • Cait

    Also, why doesn’t he like to talk about ‘you know what’? It was a great show! I still watch it!