This Week in TV: OMFG Edition

The TV Addict knows a good idea when he see it. Which is why I’m taking a page from the CW’s controversial GOSSIP GIRL ad campaign to present my very-own edition of THIS WEEK IN TV: OMFG Edition!

teri hatcher idol gives back band from tv

Teri Hatcher gets desperate for attention is exactly the type of catchy headline I’d use if it wasn’t for such a good cause. But since Hatcher headlining ‘Band From TV’ on Wednesday’s IDOL GIVES BACK benefited six incredibly worthy charities, I’ll just say this. Teri, don’t quit your day job.

eli stone

Thursday’s phenomenal installment of ELI STONE was all about the OMFG. Katy Sagal pulls a Heather Locklear, two chimps melt this TV Addict’s heart and OMFG what an ending! If you’re one of the well, millions who was mistakenly watching WITHOUT A TRACE, you’re missing out on what’s officially become the best new drama of the season. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Tune into a brand new episode following the return of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES tonight at 10PM on ABC.

lost finale spoilers

You know what would make the news [courtesy of E! Online’s Kristin] that ABC head honcho Steve McPherson has signed off on a three-hour LOST season finale really OMFG-worthy? If LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse use the extra hour to actually gives us some answers. Here’s hoping.

michael johns voted off american idol

Michael Johns get voted off AMERICAN IDOL while Seyesha Mercado lives to see another week. WTF? umm… I mean OMFG!

caprica spoilers

Forget OMFG! This TV Addict yelled “Holy Frak!” when I realized that an incredibly kind source emailed me the top-secret script for Ronald D. Moore’s BATTLESTAR GALACTICA prequel CAPRICA. Needless to say, check back later in the week for more.

Got your own OMFG! Moments from the past week in television? Shocked about Neil Patrick Harris’ Britney-related comments? The implosion of Michael and Jan? MILF island? Post away in the comments below.

  • I kinda liked seeing Dr. Chase in that “band from tv” or whatever, since we generally dont see him on House anymore.

    OMFG! is right! Michael Johns was my favourite!! 🙁

  • Tara

    OMFG…I OFICIALLY fell in love with Eli stone this week…BEST EPISODE EVER!!!

    OMFG…3 hour lost finale..wohoo!!! Hopefully its better than the last few episodes we’ve had so far. I want some Jack and Kate interaction!

    OMFG…one more week till Gossip Girl returns!!!!!!!

    OMFG…BSG (I didn’t really read what you wrote about it, but that’s only because I haven’t seen the episode yet) Can’t wait!!

  • tim wilkins

    “Lost” answers questions? OMFG! In 3 hours. OMFG! No Way! I don’t believe u! OMFG! Is this the price or reward of the writer’s strike? he he

  • tim wilkins

    Oh yea, the tvaddict gets mentioned in “Variety!” OMFG! Kudos. =) lol UR 2 MODEST. which is why people love u.

  • Jeffrey Bryan

    OMFG… Neil Patrick Harris didn’t say anything of note about Britney. All he said was that he hoped the show didn’t turn into “Guest Star of the Week” like Will and Grace did. OMFG, stop making something out of nothing. OMFG.

  • Jeffrey,

    Can you at least give me credit for only mentioning NPH’s comment in the bottom of the post!? Frankly, I was proud of his comment. HIMYM must tread carefully so that it doesn’t become the new WILL & GRACE. When we’ve got characters as rich as Ted, Robin, Lilly, Marshall and Barney, who needs Britney?