First Look: New GOSSIP GIRL Georgina Sparks

gossip girl georgina sparks michelle trachtenberg

Spotted, Georgina Sparks. Sign #1 she’s up to no good — the giant sunglasses. Never a good sign.

gossip girl georgina sparks michelle trachtenberg

gossip girl georgina sparks michelle trachtenberg

gossip girl georgina sparks michelle trachtenberg

gossip girl georgina sparks michelle trachtenberg

gossip girl georgina sparks michelle trachtenberg


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  • ewanspotter

    It’s The Key!

  • Josh C.

    I wonder if the one picture is Georgina squashing Serena?

  • ewanspotter… What’s “the key”?

  • Mjovi1

    Ha, someone isn’t a Buffy fan.

    I’m so excited to see Dawnie face off against Serena!

  • Nathan


    Michelle Trachtenberg played Dawn on Buffy and in season 5 she was “the key” to all dimensions. Lols. It’s funny you didn’t know this. But you’re doing really good work. Keep it up.



  • tboc

    lol@ theTVaddcit not knowing who “the Kaey” is.
    Im excited for her to be on the show.

  • And the TV Addict looks like an idiot! But if it’s any consolation… I’ve got BUFFY season one in my collection and I swear I’m going to watch it soon.

  • nathan

    you haven’t seen buffy?

    *gasps with a look of shock horror on face*

    how can you call yourself a tv addict?

    lols just joking.

    but seriously WATCH BUFFY!

    pretty please?

  • Common Sense

    I, too, am amazed that TVA didn’t watch Buffy. Dude, let me tell you in advance, you’re in for a Top 3 All-Time Drama lovefest when you get down to business. It just gets better and better, and the twist with Michelle Trachtenberg’s character is mind-blowing.

    For future reference, here are the all-time best dramas and comedies that shouldn’t be missed:

    1) LOST
    2) Felicity
    3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    4) Alias
    5) Angel
    6) Dynasty
    7) Gilmore Girls
    8) Little House on the Prairie
    9) Smallville / Supernatural
    10) Charmed

    1) Arrested Development
    2) The Office
    3) Seinfeld
    4) Family Guy
    5) 30 Rock
    6) King of Queens
    7) Family Ties
    8) Popular
    9) Newhart
    10) Frasier

  • Common Sense,

    Thanks for the great comment. Sleep well knowing you’ve inspired a great post this week! Also, does Michelle Trachtenberg’s character twist have something to do with this key I keep hearing about 🙂

  • CC

    You call yourself a tv fan and you’ve never seen BUFFY!!??!?…


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  • Katie

    Hey, not everyone has to know about Buffy. TVA if its any consolation, I have never seen Buffy and I doubt I will. Not that I don’t want to, but just not in the mood. XD

  • dante

    well lets see, buffy isnt such a good serie, its wierd that a tv series junki hasnt seen it but either way dont hurry urself ur missing nothing.
    for the list i agree in every one of the series u posted but on, and i know people will disagree but i think lost suck big time.

    About the subject in hand i think Mischa Barton would have don a better Georgina that “the key” lol she is to much, i dont know… “jenny”.

  • Ricard

    I agree! “the key” it’s just.. hmm.. tasteless!
    she’s way too known for her past rolls unlike most of the cast.. I can’t help but think of all of her kid movies.. pfff..

  • SerenaV

    Did anyone catch Georgina saying that she gets the scoop on everyone before anyone else does, and how she knows things before everyone else. This was right after Dan and Vanessa walk off together. IS SHE GOSSIP GIRL???????????????

  • M

    Oh my god! She looks so evil, but yet really sexy. I wonder what the secret is?! It must be pretty big if she can’t even tell the lowest of all lowest people, Chuck. I hope it all gets loose in the next episode, I think Serena walked in on something like really bad or something – cus like you heard her say “You protended to be the little innocent girl who walked in…” and then Serena talks over her. Ooooh, Blaire taking matters into her own hands with Georgina?? This WILL be interesting!! They’re both in their own ways evil and manipulative. Ha! It would be amazing if their was some kind of fight.

  • javier

    im a buffy fan and see lil down there as georgie wow i just lov her

  • Tiffani

    OMG! I’m a huge Buffy fan and I’m a 31 yr. old woman! I have all 7 seasons and I have not seen one episode of Gossip Girl. Those of you who know of Dawn can imagine how I can’t even picture her as being “deliciously evil”. I’m going to check out the Gossip Girl website and hope I can download at start watching from episode 1. Hopefully I can catch up!

  • Tiffani,

    You can buy all of season 1 on itunes, and so far of season 2.

    BTW, I’ve heard MANY people refer to 24 as “like crack” LOL, (Prior to Keifer’s last Christmas jailing)

  • WarriorM

    Hate Goergina!..Blair's Better!