How I Became Disappointed With HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER

As a card carrying member of the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER fan club, this TV Addict knows all too well that it’s in the mandate to unapologetically gush over every episode [not to mention every Barneyism]. That said, the TV Addict woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning so I’ll just say this. Last night’s adventure was anything but Legen… [wait for it] dary.

When did HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER turn into your average CBS sitcom? The brilliance of MOTHER and what used to set it apart from your standard sitcom fare was its mind-blowing ability to have different plots converge in hilarious and unexpected ways. Marshall recounting the tale of “The Ninja Report” as the gang sat around the bar and offered advice was for lack of a better word ‘boring’, or dare we say it ā€” seemingly ripped from the plot-line of a RULES OF ENGAGEMENT.

Worse still, it signifies a growing and worrisome trend with the series as a whole. HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER seems to be on pause.

Is the show’s forward momentum seriously going to be put on hold until Stella [actress Sarah Chalke] feverishly wraps up the final season of SCRUBS? How many more episodes is Ted going to be dating Stella ‘off-camera’?

And don’t even get me started on Robin. Who knew breaking up with Ted would so aversely affect her story-lines. If it weren’t for her love of guns and the occasional, albeit hilarious Canada joke, would Cobie Smulders even be on the show anymore? Oh wait, next week is the big not-at-all-overhyped return of Robin Sparkles. If CBS has their way, maybe Britney will make a cameo.

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  • Common Sense

    May I suggest Gossip Girl at 8pm? Tivo/DVR/tape HIMYM and watch it later, if you must. It’s not top-tier for me, so I’m fine catching the summer reruns.

  • Ally

    Gretta? Do you mean Stellla?

    I thought it was a good episode. I was cracking up at Marshall yelling at Barney and all the callbacks that went with it. As for Robin, every episode has one of the characters as the main focus (Marshall and the job) and one other with a small B-plot (Lilly) and then everybody else focuses in on those plots.

  • Ally,
    Thanks for the heads up. No idea why the name ‘Gretta’ was in my head. I guess it’s up there with the ‘Stella’ in terms of really bad names.

  • Gretta ? Are you sure you’re a member of the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER fan club ?

    It’s not your average sitcom here, so yes, when Ted meets a nice girl and has a pretty nice albeit quick first date, it’s not just forgotten the next day. What’s wrong with that ?

    This episode wasn’t the best, maybe, but it was a really good one. And no, not every episode has to be about many stories all converging at some point. Today it was pretty much two scenes : in the bar, and in the car. The rest were flashbacks and “dreamed” sequences, that’s part of how the show works, and it did work well last night.

    We also had character development, whereas unlike in many other/average sitcom they would have given Marshall a new job cause he needed the money and then left it at that, here he’s still conflicted, he can’t just let his dreams die, and he’s now out of a job.
    Added to what we know how he & Lilly’s future, that makes things even more interresting.

    How I Met Your Mother is far from being just your average sitcom, really.

  • Aileen

    Wow, you’re awfully quick to sound the alarm. One bad episode and a show is already sliding down hill. Did you forget the last episode, where Barney tries to figure out which girl is badmouthing him? That was one of the best episodes of the season! Obviously not a show in decline. So you thought the latest episode was mediocre. That’s not a reason to start declaring that the show is becoming disappointing. Wait until it’s bad for several weeks in a row, which definitely has not happened this season for HiMyM.

  • Josh C.

    addict it seems as though the second a show has one or two bad episodes (which in my opinion HIMYM has not) you turn on a series. It happened just as quickly with Heroes. Do you think you are too quick to judge something just because it wasn’t up to a imaginary standard you created for the show.

  • Josh,

    It’s possible the dark cloud currently hanging over me is responsible for my negative take on last night’s MOTHER. Or, I may possess powers much like ELI STONE, and have already seen the future. I guess time will tell.

  • doug

    Wow — “Rules of Engagement”? Really?! ROE would never do a clever fun up-tempo ep like last night’s “How I Met Your Mother”…I really disagree, TV Addict, and it bums me out cuz i usually like your taste.

  • Jim

    Yeah…..come back off the cliff Addict. HIMYM is still in the top 5 of TV comedies on the air currently. Even the Office has a bad day now and then.

  • Julien

    I tought it was a pretty good episode too, not as good as two weeks ago but way better than the Sarah Chalke one (i hope she is not the mother, i really dont like her, if she turned out to be the mother i will probably stop watching the show)

  • I couldn’t agree more, last nights episode of HIMYM was kinda terrible. Hopefully next week’s Robin Sparkles episode will be a bit better!

  • Gabi

    I thought this week’s episode was really good! And I’m glad they’re not focusing so much on Robin, I don’t really like her, she’s boring. I also hope that Sarah Chalke isn’t the mother, I love her on Scrubs but I don’t think she fits into HIMYM.

  • jeff

    Something tells me the TV Addict was recently at the receiving end of the Chain, I mean Circle, I mean Chain, NO – WAIT! Pyramid of Screaming… yes, that’s right… Pyramid. And then decided to take it out on HIMYM. Was is their best episode ever? Nah. Was it their worse? Nah (I still believe that belongs to the Limo Episode of Season 1). It was an average HIMYM… which makes it better than 75% of comedies on the air today. I’ll take it.

  • John

    My only complaint with the episode was the setting up the messing up of the new car. They couild have skipped that “plot” entirely.

    Otherwise it was good.

    And I think you are too concerned with the show title. The show really isn’t about how Ted meets his wife, it’s about what happens to him and his friends along the way. So who cares when, or even if, Stella reappears.

    We are not going to to know who the mother is until the last episode and if you make that the focus of the show you are going to be very unhappy.

  • Josh Emerson

    No offense, but I think you’re way too quick to turn on your favorite shows. I could never insult a show I love by comparing it to Rules of Engagement. Even on its worst day, HIMYM is still awesome.

    Robin Sparkles could not be overhyped! Everything I’ve heard about that episode sounds like it’s going to be a classic.

  • Ally

    Robin Sparkles isn’t overhyped, it’s extrahyped. There is no overhyping this show.

  • CC

    Every great show will have its ups and downs. I still and will always love How I Met Your Mother, and have faith that it will have many more giggles to come.

  • shanna

    This is really harsh. Especially considering how great the last episode was (and there wasn’t a review of that one). HIMYM has put out a really solid season with some great standouts (Slapsgiving!). I’ll admit this wasn’t my fave but the show isn’t going downhill.

  • How do you join the fan club? I have searched but I can’t figure out how