I’m so Excited – Mario Lopez Assumes the Role of Zach in Broadway A Chorus Line

By: theTHEATREaddict
The headline was too tempting. Mario Lopez, a.ka. AC Slater, will make his Broadway debut tonight playing the coveted role of the director Zach in the revival of the legendary musical A Chorus Line. Of any character in the show it has the least amount of dancing and singing but Lopez does have a song and dance background, Kid’s Incorporated anyone. Wow I have really dated myself. For a look at Lopez in rehearsals visit Broadwayworld.com

The Broadway traditionalists continue to scream about the basterdization of Broadway via stunt casting but I believe if the actor has a reasonable amount of talent and can entice a new audience into the theatre it is good for all of Broadway and all theatre. I can’t imagine any actor stunt casted takes their role on Broadway for granted. They work hard and are well aware they are there to prove they can sing, dance and act with the most seasoned gypsies. So AC break legs tonight!

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  • Janice

    “can entice a new audience into the theatre”

    What audience is that? Saved by the Bell? Maybe the audience who loved Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story? How about all 3 viewers who just loved “The Other Half” (the “male” The View)

    Give me a break…nobody is going to see Mario Lopez, just like nobody is going to Legally Blonde to see idol reject Paris Bennett if she is cast, as rumored. To choose to see a show based on a “stunt casting” is ridiculous.

    Guess what, if they were to cast Chace Crawford in Cry-Baby it doesn’t matter–the show still sucks.

  • Common Sense

    How ’bout asking around to see exactly what became of Mario’s apparently never-gonna-happen CW comedy “8 Days a Week.” Such a great cast, all for naught?