“The Mclovin’ Fund” with Kristen Bell and Christopher Mintz

Channelling Chandler Bing: Could Kristen Bell be any cooler?

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  • You know, it’s funny because it’s true. Ever since SUPERBAD became a hit, and McLovin’ such a popular character, I’ve been wondering if Christopher Mintz is going to do anything on the same level again, or just wind up always being McLovin’ as this PSA postulates. Good to see he has a sense of humour about it all.

  • Nope, there’s no one cooler than Kristen Bell.

  • Tim

    The lucky thing for Chris is that he was in a Judd Apatow produced movie. As long as Judd is rolling out blockbuster hits, he will probably have work. We all know he loves to reuse actors over and over. After that, he probably will be exiled to JasonBiggsville, never to be seen again.