The TV Addict Podcast is Back!

Back by popular demand [no seriously, I’ve got the emails to prove it!] and in an effort to fill the massive hole left by the shocking [and disappointing] demise of the TVGuide Podcast, this TV Addict has decided to bring back Podcast.

And befitting our spectacular second season premiere is a surprise return of an old [not really old] favorite. Original co-host Ariel is back on board as we endlessly ramble about the week that was in television.

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  • brynhildur

    About time…
    Now that the TV Guide podcast is (sniff, sniff) over, I’m, counting on you!

  • I was shocked that TV Guide talk gave up the ghost. It was pretty great. Ah well, looking forward to the return of the TV Addict podcast, just the same. And If people are still wanting more, there’s Shifting Channels, too. We’ve been going about 3 months, every Friday.

  • Courtney


  • Jamie

    Wow yall recorded that fast. Thanks for reading my email on the show, I’m glad Ari enjoyed it. Loved it as always and I’m so glad you 2 are back.

  • John K.

    Dang you! I was so entertained that now my OCD obligates I head over to iTunes and listen to all the TV Addict podcasts I can. I hope you’re happy. BTW: you should definitely be talking about the return of Doctor Who and the ABC Family show Greek as well.

  • John K,

    Please Don’t put yourself through that.
    But seriously, thanks for the kind word!
    I’d love to talk about GREEK.. but sadly, we don’t get ABC Family in Canada.

  • tboc

    i was so sad to see the TVguide Podcast go, But iam so glad you guys are back.I cant wait to go listen to it.i hope your here to stay, not like 1 podcast a

    Anyways, welcome back.

  • Patty

    oOo this was the first time listened to the podcast and I really enjoyed it. Now I’m going to be a regular listener!

  • John K.

    Boo, Canada for not having ABC Family. On the bright side, next week’s HIMYM will once again shine a big ol’ spotlight on our neighbor to the North.

  • Barbara

    Thank you! Thank you so much. Although I didn’t send any emails I’m still very happy to see you recording the podcast again.

  • Tracey

    I enjoyed the show and am glad you are back BUT one complaint. Arielle- please stop interrupting!! Ouch my head hurts. Just wait for Daniel to stop talking before you give your two cents. Remember, Loralei and Rory were able to talk quickly and cleverly without interrupting! (Oh, I miss those Gilmore Girls…)

    Thanks for coming back!

  • shanna

    Thanks so much! I missed the podcast a lot. And it’s the perfect length for my walk tot he train station.