ONE TREE HILL Returned, Who Knew?

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? What if that tree is ONE TREE HILL and nobody knows it’s back on the air?

That is the question this TV Addict is left to ponder after coming to the realization that I completely missed Monday’s return of ONE TREE HILL.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Should not a self-proclaimed TV Addict make it his business to know when each and every show returns to air? Probably. But rather than dwell on past mistakes, I’ve decided to focus on to the bigger question at hand. Who’s to blame?

Network executives might wish to close their eyes for this part.

Obviously, the easy scapegoat is the CW marketing department. Who let’s face it, has been awfully busy walking the line of good taste with their ‘OMFG’ GOSSIP GIRL campaign.

But realistically, I blame my PVR [Personal Video Recorder].

Thanks to the greatest invention of the twenty-first century, this TV Addict rarely watches commercials. Unless of course it’s an Apple one, I mean who can resist ‘Mac’ and ‘PC’? That said, perhaps the one and only draw back of commercial free viewing — aside from the bitter irony that by not watching commercials, I’m may in fact be helping to destroy the medium I love — is that I rarely know when networks are planning to deviate from their regularly scheduled programming.

Take ELI STONE for instance. Had I not randomly visited last week, I might have completely missed out on the fact that the Alphabet Network ran a very-special [and fantastic] episode following the return of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.

In the case of ONE TREE HILL, I incorrectly assumed that it would return on April 21, following Monday’s return of GOSSIP GIRL. After-all, would it not make perfect sense to give ONE TREE HILL a ratings bump following what’s shaping up to be the most over-hyped episode of GOSSIP GIRL ever? Unfortunately, you know what they say happens when you assume… you’re forced to head directly to iTunes to shell out $1.99 as a penance for your stupidity.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “D’OH”

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  • Blair Bass

    I was watching the Gossip Girl rerun on Monday (forgot how much I missed this show) and they kept on showing OTH trailers for episode after…

    I don’t watch commercials either because of my PVR but from my “fwd” there were tonnes of OTH ads.

    I think CW gives OTH tonnes of promotion on television but it definitely doesn’t get the “buzz” that Gossip Girl does…actually no other show this season has gotten as much buzz as GG does

    For people exxcited about the next episode of GG. CW just put up NEW CLIPS FOR THE NEXT EPISODE (I put one up, you can find the other 3 on the side bar…) I can’t believe I forgot how GOOD this show is!

    All I’m gonna say is that I though Josh Schwartz BEST IDEA EVER was putting Chuck/Blair together (hottest couple on tv period)…but OMFG, I LOVE the Vander-Bass family…THE BEST TV FAMILY EVER!!

    Also I’m assuming since you have a PVR, your Canadian. Do you know when CTV is going to air the new GG episodes? Beause on their tv listings and site and does NOT seem like GG starting next week. Thankfully I get the CW or I would be screwed!

  • hi
    I’m a promo manager for a CW affiliate, and even I have a hard time keeping the CW’s new episodes straight. I went into their programming grid, and made a chart of when new episodes air and when — hope it’s helpful:

  • BHcolin

    I knew it was on this week, cause I did notice ads for OTH (even though I DVR) during The Game.
    Now I don’t usually watch OTH live or even tape the first showing — it seems to be at busy time periods when I DVR and tape programs already but I always watch the Sunday replay. It comes on at 5pm CT and replays every weeks episode. So you might be able to keep your $1.99

    but CW is odd with when they air things. I know I missed a Smallville/Supernatural night (in December) cause it had been off then back

  • Jacob

    Thing is with nothing new on the network besides that model show, there was no reason to watch for promos. Needless to say I had no idea it was back until I read it here so thanks tvaddict. At least someone will tell us the show is back.

  • Kiran

    I think Smallville, Supernatural back this week. But not sure, because I don’t watch them. All I watch is Gossip Girl and sometimes OTH and The Game.

    But I think most ppl knew it was back because OTH did how it usually does in ratings…

  • hen0219

    God forbid you go to someone else’s website. posts a primetime listings everyday for that day’s schedule….and they broke the news of the special Eli Stone episode a month ago

  • Vanessa

    It occured to me while listening to your podcast (glad you are back!!!) and reading this, that not knowing when shows are on is one reason I LOVE my DVR. I tell it record a show (either all or new) such as One Tree Hill and it does the work for me! Perhaps your Canadian PVR is inferior to my American DVR… 🙂

  • Josh Emerson

    TV Addict, I believe One Tree Hill consistently receives higher ratings than Gossip Girl, so I doubt it would get much or any of a bump by airing following the show.

    Luckily I found out that OTH would be on last night and I’m glad I was able to tune in! It was a good episode.

  • Jacob, That’s just too funny. Thanking the TV addict for telling you about OTH’s return via his website, on a post where he is telling everyone that he didn’t know it was on. “That’s Gold, Jacob! Gold!”

  • Jake

    You didn’t miss much. The “all talk, all the time” episode of One Tree Hill was enough to put even my cats to sleep. This is a soap opera aimed at teens, right? I think the producers/writers are forgetting this. Young folks demand instant-gratification, and (dare I say it)…a little action of some sort. This episode deserved to be buried on Friday night. C’mon, Schwahn, wake up, get your mug off the screen, and get this show back on track. It’s seriously boring at the moment. O-M-Yeah….wakeup call time.

  • Lindlee Bullock

    Supernatural comes back April 24th, which is next week. I’ve had that date memorized since they announced it (which was a looooong time ago). Yes, I am obsessed with this show.

  • shanna

    I had initially assumed that OTH would be back after the new GG but for some reason, the CW is one network where I do catch their promos (not so much for ABC or NBC) so I figured it out pretty quick.

    Loved the new ep by the way. I thought it was great set up and most of the characters were dead on in their conversations.

  • Adam

    TV addict, I know how you feel. For weeks, all I saw was the pathetic attempt to get viewers for Gossip Girl with their sex promos. I wouldn’t have realized One Tree Hill was on had I not looked for it myself. And they changed the return date for it maybe 3 times. It almost seems like they’re trying to lose One Tree Hill’s viewers.