SMALLVILLE Spoilers: Find Out Who Dies

If you’re the type of TV Addict who can’t resist spoilers, click the link below to watch three video clips that make it pretty clear who’s going to die on Thursday’s landmark episode of SMALLVILLE.

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  • Common Sense

    I’d hoped it wasn’t true, that it would be a “surprise” kill-off. All I can say is, the show is losing one fine actor. Hopefully there will be a lot of good flashbacks in the future.

  • tomishot

    I’m confused…I mean I totally expected it to be Lionel, but isn’t John Glover still under contract for Season 8? How’s that gonna work?

  • Brandy

    well then… not like we didn’t expect it… but I’m still curious… maybe its all in crazy time Lex’s head?

  • Linda B.

    tomishot – to answer your question, how many times has Smallville killed off a major character only to have them miraculously come back? Lana and Chloe most recently come to mind.

  • Linda B.

    Oh, and BTW – I called it!

  • KaeDee

    Since The CW showed a clip of Lionel falling out a window and supposedly pushed by Lex, was anyone really shocked? I’m still holding out a straw of hope the clip was misleading and someone else (hopefully Lana) is going to die and the only way we’ll see her next season is in flashbacks. Its time for Clark to grow up, leave behind his childhood phobias and crushes (loves), and become the man he was destined to be, Lois and journalism included.

  • Mark

    I wasn’t expecting the first 3 words in that first video to come right out and say it. Heh.

    The only thing I’d be surprised about is if they DIDN’T miraculously bring him back to life somehow. Smallville just needs to kill off their characters for good and not tease the audience.